Airbnb Cleaning Tips: How to Solve the Hair Problem

One of the hardest things to keep up within an Airbnb is hair. It can be frustrating because even after putting your linen in the washer, it will still come out with some hair. Most guests will be irritated, and some will be conscious and feel that the house has not been cleaned well. Understandably, hair is hard to get rid of. Still, try and do your best to clean it up to avoid putting your guest in a sour mood. Here are a few effective ways to eliminate it.

Use a lint roller

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This is one item that will come in handy when you encounter those stubborn hair strands. If you have laundered your linen and they still have hair, use a lint roller. It can help remove hair from your couches, pillowcases, chairs, shower curtains, carpet, curtains, and any other fabric in the house. It will also help you reduce the time you spend cleaning up. If your Airbnb is pet friendly, that means if you are not dealing with human hair, you will be dealing with animal fur. And that can be annoying as well. A lint roller is effective in removing fur quickly.

Make sure the roller is clean. Roll the lint roller up and down your fabric until all the lint and pet hair is completely gone.

Shake out laundry

Another tip that can help is to shake your laundry before washing. If the bedding has a lot of hair, when you shake it out, some of it will fall on the floor, reducing the amount you have to deal with. Here is how you can remove hair from the bedding.

  • Wear rubber gloves and wet your hands, then brush them over the bedding. This is on occasions when you do not have a lint roller.
  • Put the linens into the tumble dryer with wool balls or dryer sheets. Select the no-heat cycle and let it run for 10 minutes. This allows the hair to loosen up and get trapped in a lint tray.
  • You can then remove the bedding from your dryer, shake it out, and put it in the washer.
  • Add the detergent and a cup of distilled vinegar. The vinegar softens the fabric and removes excess hair.
  • After the cycle, you can dry the clothes normally.
  • Do not forget to wipe the inside of your washing machine to remove any remaining hair.

Because hair clings to fabric fibers—and when you add water, it only gets worse. The wet hair forms into soggy clumps, sticks to the side of the washer drum and can even clog the drain.

Sweep before cleaning

Before you start cleaning, especially the bathroom and the kitchen, sweep first. You will notice that Airbnb cleaning is much easier when a lot of things are dry. For instance, when you are washing the bathroom, everything has to be washed down and rinsed. But if there is unswept hair on the floor and it gets wet, cleaning becomes much harder. You will have to apply almost twice the effort and use more time to remove all hair. Instead, first, eliminate all hair while the surface is dry, then start wetting surfaces.

Sweep hair from any type of floor with a rubber squeegee broom. Use a rubber broom just like a regular broom, pulling it toward you in short, deliberate strokes. It’s best to start around the edges of the bathroom and sweep the hair towards you. Then, sweep it all into a dustpan and toss it in the trash.

Dry surfaces after cleaning

Once you are done cleaning, ensure that you dry surfaces using a clean microfiber cloth. Things tend to look a bit different when wet. You may clean up every surface, and everything appears great, only to go back and find some hair strands on surfaces you cleaned. Instead, use a paper towel or microfiber to dry up the place as it will help remove any remaining hair. This also gives you a clear picture of what your guests will see.

Wipe up with a dry paper towel and allow air drying to do the rest.

Clean from top to bottom

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Always clean from the top to bottom to avoid cleaning up again and wasting time. Here are some tips that can help.

  • Start by dusting from the top surface to the bottom
  • Clean using water from top to bottom
  • Finish with the floors

This is important because say you clean your toilet first, then you start wiping the bathroom counters, hair that was there will fall into the bowl, and you will have to do it again.

The reason top to bottom works is because dust and dirt falls from the top to the bottom as you’re cleaning.

Hair all over your space can be annoying. But with these Airbnb cleaning tips, you will be able to enjoy a hair-free space that guests will love.

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