Airbnb Etiquette: Ways to Become a Superhost

Airbnb etiquette

When guests are considering different Airbnb listings, the Superhost badge can be the deciding factor — it indicates that the host has a long history of satisfied guests. When assigning Superhost designations, Airbnb uses a specific set of criteria. You must have a rating of 4.8 or higher, a 90% response rate, and a cancellation rate that’s 1% or lower. In addition, you must have 10 trips or 100 nights spread over a minimum of three bookings.

For many hosts, the required rating is the most challenging thing to control. These Airbnb etiquettes and hosting tips can help you improve guest reviews and achieve Superhost status.

Prioritize cleanliness

As an Airbnb host, cleanliness should be your top priority. Guests care more about a clean space than anything else — no amount of amenities can make up for a grimy bathroom, sticky kitchen, or dirty floors.

Superhosts provide:

  • Sheets that look and smell clean
  • Fresh-smelling kitchen and bathroom
  • Crumb-free refrigerators
  • Clean baseboards and corners
  • Fresh towels
  • Dust-free surfaces

💡 As of 2021, Airbnb expects hosts to adhere to the five-step Enhanced Clean Airbnb method. This includes extra ventilation and sanitizing steps to help your guests feel confident and comfortable. If you need help, an Airbnb cleaning service can save time and keep your property in top shape.

Respond quickly

One of your most important tasks as an Airbnb host is to respond quickly. By replying to messages in 15 minutes or less, you can prevent small issues from growing into big problems — the longer a guest waits, the more frustrated they become. Stay alert at all times, but make sure you’re available during the first few hours after check-in; guests tend to have questions and concerns soon after they arrive. Consider setting up audible notifications to help you respond in a timely manner.

For your protection, it’s a good idea to keep communication on the Airbnb platform. This creates a digital record for use in disputes or conflict resolution. You should offer a phone number for emergency situations, of course, but encourage guests to use Airbnb chat for all other requests.

Accommodate requests whenever you can

If you’ve been hosting on Airbnb for long, you know that guests ask for a wide range of reasonable and unreasonable things. Superhosts make an effort to accommodate these requests whenever possible — guests appreciate it when you go the extra mile, and they’re more likely to leave a positive review as a result. If you need to say no, try to offer alternative solutions to help the person get what they need.

Offer fast, stable WI-FI

Airbnb guests are increasingly looking for properties that are suitable for remote work — they need spaces with a comfortable desk and fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection. This type of guest will rule out any property with reviews that mention slow or unstable internet. Airbnb recognizes this need — in November of 2021, they added a tool to help guests check the Wi-Fi speed of each listing.

If your goal is to be a Superhost, a Wi-Fi upgrade can help you get there. Test the connection yourself; it should be fast enough to support video conferencing, streaming media, and FaceTime calls. Do past reviews mention internet issues? Update your listing to explain how you’ve updated the system.

Understand how guests want to interact

One of the most challenging parts of being a Superhost is managing guest interaction. Some people love to chat, while others prefer to be left alone. In most cases, it’s best to let the guest take the lead; if they initiate conversations and ask questions about the area, feel free to engage. If they bring discussions to a quick end, there’s no need to stick around.

💡 No matter what type of guest you have, it’s important to respect their privacy. Never arrive unannounced; if you need to come by, provide as much notice as possible. Your goal is to be available without being in the way.

Provide personal tips and recommendations

Whether your guests are coming for vacation or work, personal tips are always helpful. As the owner, you’re in a unique position to offer insider advice that isn’t easily available on the internet. Some things you can offer are:

  • Restaurant recommendations and your favorite dishes
  • Nearby grocery and convenience stores
  • Convenient public transportation and instructions for riding
  • Hidden hikes or attractions
  • Luggage storage
  • Laundry facilities

By creating an exceptional Airbnb experience, you can encourage positive reviews and earn Superhost status. Turnover and cleaning are essential to the process; if you need help maintaining a perfectly clean Airbnb, contact us at Express Home Maids, Our team provides timely, professional cleaning services that satisfy the most demanding guests.

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