Be A Great Host: Tips For Welcoming Guests Airbnb

There is more to welcoming guests to Airbnb than just writing a welcoming note. The experience of meeting new people, getting to know them, and making them comfortable, whether you are around or not, matters a lot. You don’t have to break the bank to make your visitors happy; small gestures go above and beyond welcoming your Airbnb visitors.

  1. Communicate often

Good communication should start even before the guests arrive. Show them you care by replying to messages or calls promptly. Be honest and inform the guests if there are pets, family members, or other guests in the facility. Provide a clear description of the property and inform them where to pick up the keys.

💡 The more open and available you are before their arrival, the more relaxed they will be.

  1. Clean up the space

Make sure the house is clean before the guests arrive. No visitor wants to sleep in a filthy room or shower in a smelly bathroom. Clean up the kitchen cabinets, sinks, and walls. Clear all clutter, remove clothes from the closets, and put food in the fridge. This is not just a good way of welcoming guests Airbnb, but you will make their stay pleasant.

  1. Join in celebrating special occasions

Your guests may be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, and you can make their special day memorable by enhancing their experience. Get a bottle of champagne or buy a card to celebrate the big day.

  1. Remove personal items

It is common for Airbnb owners to use their homes at times. However, having personal family photos and décor in the house can make the guest feel like they are invading someone else’s space. Clear the house of all personal or family photos or personal welcoming notes.

💡 Make sure your décor is neutral for guests to feel at ease and remove the feeling of staying in someone’s home.

  1. Anticipate guest needs

Every guest is unique, but there are common things or items every guest will need. So, consider having the following:

  • Providing personal essentials like soap, towels, toilet paper, and linen.
  • Providing a fully updated house manual to inform the guest about instructions, WIFI passwords, and off-limit areas.
  • Make a guidebook with a list of favorite restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or groceries if you aren’t living within.
  • Have numbers of key people like a plumber, internet support agent, or neighbors readily available when you’re away.
  • Ensuring you are reachable via calls, texts, or email in case of an emergency.

  1. Keep the house stocked up

To avoid last-minute shopping trips, ensure the house is fully stocked with essentials like toiletries and lightbulbs. Have some basic kitchen items like tea, coffee, milk, cooking oil, and breakfast. Have extra phone chargers to borrow if they forget. Also, let them know where to find spares if you are away.

  1. Personalize your treat and welcome message

Make your guests feel welcome even before they arrive by including personal touches in your emails. For instance, if you use a template, include their first name in all messages. Also, mention something nice about them, like “I wish you a happy anniversary.”

💌 When welcoming guests Airbnb, consider children. You can have a box of crayons, a lollipop, or a packet of stickers. Remember to have dog treats for guests with pets.

  1. Show them your local culture

If your area is known for certain things or cultures, let your guests enjoy the culture. For instance, you can gift your guests with beads, accessories, or traditional ornaments. Your visitors will remember such souvenirs long after checking out.

  1. Ask and give out reviews

Tips On Reviewing A Guest On Airbnb

Reviews are crucial for the success of your Airbnb business. The first three average ratings will impact your search ranking. You can also rate your guests to help other hosts in the future decide whether to accommodate them or not. The ratings are a win for both the Airbnb community and the guests.

  1. Have flowers

Guests enjoy fresh flowers and homegrown vegetables. You can pick a little bouquet for your guests in the garden. Another way of welcoming guests Airbnb is by providing fresh garden fruits or vegetables. If you don’t have a garden, you can purchase cheap flowers at the nearby market.

Lastly, treat your guests as you want to be treated. Any kind of hospitality will show your Airbnb guests you care and value them, and this will make a difference. Think about what the host would do for you if you were the guest.

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