Easy and Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Vacation Rental

Making a rental look and feel new can be difficult. It can be so hard to figure out what you are going to do and to figure out what upgrades you can do cost-effectively and without spending a ton of time and effort. These few updates are a great way to make your rental feel fresher without having to sink a ton of money.

Replace worn items

  • Toilet seats
  • Kitchen items
  • Pillows and curtains
  • Remotes

You should also replace kitchen items that are worn out. Things like a new set of pans, new spatulas, new small appliances, even new kitchen towels can refresh your rental quickly and easily.

⭐ Pillows and curtains also tend to hold onto smells and make a place feel dated. Try adding new curtains that are fun prints and colors to help freshen up a space. New pillowcases are also going to help with hygiene and make the rental feel newer and more updated.

New remotes are also a great option when it comes to updating your rental. New remotes are going to not only look fresh and be more sanitary, but they are also going to work better. New remotes are going to be easier to use, they will not have worn buttons and they are going to help make your rental feel more put together.

Updating the kitchen

  • Cabinet Knobs
  • Peel and Stick Floors
  • New Faucet
  • New Sticker or Paper for Fridge

Another great update that can be easy and fast is to update the knobs in the kitchen. This can make the whole space look and feel newer and more updated. It is also something that is super easy to do and easy to get done in a few minutes. If you are thinking of updating the floors, peel and stick tiles are a great inexpensive option that is still going to look wonderful and is also going to be easy to maintain and keep clean.

A new faucet can help your kitchen not only look better but also function better. With a new faucet, you can update the look of the kitchen and can swap it out in a matter of minutes. You can also get stickers or wallpaper for the fridge to update and change the look overall.


  • Plants
  • Hanging art
  • Rugs
  • Shelves
  • Mirrors

If you want to quickly and easily update a home you can also invest in great decoration. Things like plants can make a room feel fresh, hanging art can make a place feel more modern and lived in. Rugs can make a space feel homier. and can add character and color to a space. Shelves are practical and great for adding more décor and mirrors can help make spaces look larger and more inviting.

Bathroom updates

  • Toilet paper holders
  • New shower heads

You can also update the bathroom without a ton of extra money or effort. A new shower head is going to look cleaner and feel cleaner and is also going to make the room look cleaner. A new toilet paper holder is also going to help make the bathroom look cleaner and feel cleaner as well.

General updates

  • Paint the Walls
  • Update Switch Plates
  • Change Door Knobs
  • Update Light Fixtures
  • Add Under Bed Storage

There are also a few general updates that can be made. Painting the walls of your vacation rental can help to get rid of stains and scuffs and can give a fresh new look. New switch plates are going to be clean and look tidier. New doorknobs are going to help get rid of the worn look of old knobs.

Adding new lighting can help to update the space and can also give off more light. Lastly, under bed storage is going to make it easy for those staying there to have places to store items while they are staying and also allows you places to store items for your rental like clean sheets that are not in use.


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