How to Get 5-Star Reviews in Airbnb

Whether you are an individual who has a summer home that is vacant or a businessman looking to make some cash off his/her property, Airbnb offers a lucrative avenue to do so for everyone. 

Before finalizing the decision to book your property, any potential guest will always browse through the reviews available online.

Even a single negative review can put a dent in your image and put you behind your competition. Let us know more about how you can get a 5-star review in Airbnb.

💡 As per the UI of the Airbnb website, seven reviews are stacked up on a page along with an overall rating. 

6-star service

A 5-star review and a 6-star service go hand-in-hand. Aside from taking care of all the fundamentals, you can make some extra initiative by calling up your guests a few days prior to their arrival and asking if they have any requests. 

When your guests are staying for a long time, you should keep checking up on them and make sure all their needs are properly taken care of. Lastly, be active on the helpline number/email and be sure to respond quickly.

Fully-equipped facilities

No one likes a dull room with poor facilities, having access to all the modern amenities, such as a hot water supply, a coffee machine, comfortable seating, air purifiers, etc. makes your guest feel cozy. Some hosts also provide free prepaid subscriptions to streaming services, such as HBO or Netflix to add to the overall value of your property.

💡 According to recent studies, tourists are increasingly seeking out more unusual and luxury accommodations. For example, in the United States, the search phrase “luxury hotel” has reached its highest level of popularity.

Touch of personalization

Getting to know your guests will always go a long way. As stated in the first point, you can start doing this some days prior to their arrival date. Some hosts also get their guests to fill out a form to see if they have any special needs, allergies, or specialized laundry requirements. 

Furthermore, when they check out, you can offer them a gift box or a discount voucher to end things on a positive note.

Honesty and humility

Always be upfront about the problems or missing features when asked. There is nothing more frustrating than the feeling of getting blindsided by your host just because they are running behind making a good image. 

This, when coupled with some humility and hospitality can make up for a great living experience for your guest throughout their stay.

Fast service

Be it laundry or room maintenance, always have a trustworthy handyman on standby so that you can cater to any issues raised by your guest as soon as possible. Letting them know about the expected time required to do certain things, such as laundry, is also a good idea.

Clean it like you mean it

Unhygienic property is the most common reason behind a scathed review. Invest in a good cleaning service and keep regular checks on the rooms yourself to ensure that they are at par with the customer expectations.

Affordable pricing

The final cherry on top comes in the form of pricing. Check all the local listings in your area which have good reviews and try to lower your price so that it synchronizes with the best budget offerings

You can also try to talk to your guests and help them understand how important a good rating is for your business. In many cases, guests often change their reviews when asked politely. 

Summing up, all you need to do to get a 5-star review is exceed the expectations of your guests in every department and offer a delightful living experience

Hope you found this article helpful 😘


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