How to Make your Airbnb Stand out: Tips To Be Super Host in 2022

The question in every Airbnb host’s mind is how they can make their space stand out. That is the only way one will be able to attract a lot of guests, whether you are aiming for couples, families, or individual travelers. If you are an Airbnb host and are wondering how to make your Airbnb stand out, here are a few ideas to try.

Tips to be super host in 2022


One of the most important ways to stand out from your competition is by being honest. When listing your space, ensure you give an honest description. There is no need to lie about what your space looks like or what you are offering. Guests come with a lot of expectations when they book a space. If they do not get what they were expecting, they will not return and will leave a bad review.

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” – William Shakespeare

Offer a welcoming gift

Everyone appreciates a welcoming gift. It shows that you are thoughtful and care about your guests. It also brings in a human touch beyond a business transaction. This will make your guests want to keep coming back and, most importantly, leave good reviews.

Recommend places to check around

Most Airbnb guests are new to an area. Even if they may have done online research of the place, they do not have a clear picture of the area like you as the guest. You can suggest places they should visit, such as restaurants, bars, attraction sites, etc.

Give them a quick tour

If possible, try and give your guest a quick tour of the space when they get there. It gives them the chance to ask questions or for you to clarify things. It also gives you a chance to know one or two things about the people you are hosting.

Leave a small explainer note around all of the electronics

Different electronics come with different modes of use. Your microwave may not be the same model as what your guest uses at home. To enhance their experience, leave instructions on how to use those electronics. This ensures your guests are not frustrated, and most importantly, one will not spoil your appliance trying to figure out how it works.

Keep it clean and simple

No guest wants to stay in a messy space. They are looking to relax, and keeping the apartment clean and simple can go a long way in helping you out. While at it, try and remove personalized items like photo frames that make the guests feel like they are infringing on one’s space.

Invest in good lighting

Another way of how to make your Airbnb stand out is by investing in good lighting. This is particularly important when posting photos of your space. Light brings some life to a room and makes it look spacious.

Make sure there are blankets

Provide clean and fresh blankets for your guests. If possible, you can fold extras and place them in the closet. It makes your guest feel cared for.

Decorate your space

One of the major ways of how to make your Airbnb great is in how you decorate it. Remember that guests are attracted to visuals, and if they like what they see, they will book your space, leave a good review and come back again.

Make sure they have the supplies they need

Provide your guest with the necessary supplies from linens, toiletry, and anything else required. The goal is to create a space where your guests feel comfortable and at home. It also saves them the hassle of carrying heavy luggage.

Prevent bed bugs

The last thing is preventing bed bugs. No guest wants to keep turning at night due to bed bug bites. If there is an infestation, get an exterminator to get rid of them before the next guest arrives.

These are some of the most effective ways of making your Airbnb stand out. They will help you get good reviews and enjoy a high occupancy rate.

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