Strategies That Airbnb Owners Looking For Cleaners Can Use To Get And Keep Reliable Workers

The decision to hire cleaners for an Airbnb can be a daunting task. First, you don’t know how the person will perform. But, now that you need assistance, an Airbnb looking for cleaners should look for a person with good qualities and maintain them. It can be time-consuming to hire cleaners now and then, so, if you find a perfect match, try and keep them.

Proven ways to find reliable cleaners

  1. Be realistic

Cleaners differ in various ways. Some have different approaches when cleaning a facility. Having known that, it is essential for an Airbnb looking for cleaners to be realistic. Once you hire a cleaner, make a list of everything you want to be done and gauge the person by the results. Without proper guidance, a cleaner may not know exactly what you want.

  1. Plan ahead

Even if you have had cleaners before, it’s best to reevaluate your needs. Maybe your situation has changed, and you require more cleaning sessions than before. Perhaps there was something you noted with past cleaners that you want to address this time. Write everything down and brief the cleaner.

  1. Get recommendations

When looking for cleaners, you can’t go wrong with recommendations. Try asking people you know if they know any good cleaners they can recommend. If you don’t get reliable cleaners from your loved ones, you can hop online. Once you find a few, check online reviews from past clients, and choose the one with the highest ratings.

  1. Be picky

Not every cleaner is worth hiring. An Airbnb needs to hire cleaners with certain qualities to guarantee smooth working relations and perfection in their work. The common qualities to check for are:

  • Consistency: A good cleaner should be consistent with a fantastic job week after week without compromising quality. They should maintain cleanliness standards throughout.
  • Honesty: A cleaner’s job should be incident-free, but accidents do happen no matter how careful someone is. A good cleaner should inform the Airbnb owner and have the issue rectified.
  • Discretion: As a cleaner, you will do the task alone in people’s rooms. Your employer and clients trust you to work without snooping around. But if you come across sensitive information, you should keep it discrete.
  • Timekeeping: Airbnb is a busy place, especially during the holidays. A good cleaner should be available when needed.

Tips for keeping your cleaners

Allow cleaners to speak their mind

While it might seem unnecessary, allowing your cleaners to speak their minds freely with reason can make them stick around for a long time. Most workers fear talking for fear of retribution, so it’s essential to allow them to raise their concerns.

Provide feedback

Cleaners want to hear feedback (positive or negative). The response will encourage or help them improve in certain areas. An Airbnb owner should use client feedback to gauge how the cleaner is performing. If a cleaner has performed well, appreciate them.

Invest in a high performer

As an employer, always track employees’ productivity and results. It’s encouraging for a hard-working cleaner to be recognized. A” thank you” can make a big difference or reward a job well done, such as bonus checks or a shopping voucher.

Create a conducive work environment

A good working environment will encourage your workers to stay. An employee needs peace of mind, trust, courtesy, and respect. Work harassment, shouting at cleaners, and demeaning someone are some things that make employees leave.

Prioritize work-life balance

It is best to acknowledge that your cleaners have a life outside of employment. If they work for a lot of hours, they will inevitably look for other jobs. As an Airbnb owner, you should have flexible schedules for the cleaners. This way, they will feel considered.

Create flexible leave policies.

🔔 Developing flexible leave policies is a work-life balance initiative that employees truly value because they don’t feel obligated to account for how they spend their time off.

Avoid micromanaging

The best way to manage your cleaners is to give them directions and give them space to deliver their best. The approach may differ from yours, but you focus on results. If you always check on what a cleaner is doing, they may not feel trusted and maybe leave. An Airbnb looking for cleaners should avoid petty rules and regulations to prevent losing good cleaners.

🔔 Finding and maintaining good cleaners is not easy. An Airbnb looking for cleaners should screen cleaners to ensure they get what they want. In addition, an Airbnb owner should strive to keep the worker for longer by creating a good working environment, providing feedback, and allowing cleaners to air their thoughts.

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