Why Is My Apartment So Dusty: 5 Ways To Prevent It

When you glance around your apartment, you’ll notice dust in your home furnishings and particles floating with the wind, even when you’ve just done a thorough cleaning of your apartment. In addition, there are multiple sources of dust in an apartment, like the dust that enters your apartment via gaps, doors, windows, and cracks from the outside. Also, the dust that arises in your dry skin and fur is shed everywhere around your clothing and furnishings.

Furthermore, furnishing fibers like carpets, bedsheets, upholstery, rugs, and other items in your flat that break down over time are also another surprising source of dust. Here is what you should know about, “Why is my apartment so dusty, and how can I remove it so that my flat seems cleaner?”

Why is there so much dust in my apartment

Dust is everywhere, but it assembles in areas with much lesser activity. It mostly accumulates when no one is there, so you must shift stuff after being away from your apartment for an extended period. Aside from these, the most prevalent contributors of dust are: 

  • Outdoors 

Dust from the outside enters your residence via windows, cracks in the walls, and doors. Moreover, allergens, dirt particles, particulates from smoking, and other unpleasant particles make their way into your flat and add to the collection of dust. You enable this dust to enter your residence by keeping your windows open. 

  • Uncleaned air ducts

Your apartment’s ventilation system may enable dust to accumulate. When in proper working order, your air conditioner captures the dust that may be circulating in the air. Nevertheless, if you fail to replace the AC filtration for a lengthy period, dust might accumulate in your apartment. 

  • Pets

If you have pets, they may add to your flat’s dusty environment. Pet fur, which is a skin flake shed by pets, forms part of the dust in your apartment. If you don’t have a pet, relatives, and friends who visit you might bring fur from their pets on their clothing, thus accumulating dust.

  • Fibers from your stuff

 Many of your stuff can add to the dust in your apartment. Curtains, carpet, furniture, clothes, rags, and drapes all degrade over time, causing fibers to break down. These broken elements end up collecting in your flat and generating dust particles. 

  • Paint chalking

Chalking is the emergence of weakly adhered powder particles on the ground of a coating film caused by deterioration, resulting in dust in your dwelling. Furthermore, most of the dust is produced during the polishing of drywall repairs and trims. 

Things you need to prevent dusty apartment

Dust is inevitable. The tiny particles gradually cover every surface in a house so swiftly that even after a while of cleaning, you’ll notice dust in your apartment again. Use the most delicate equipment and strategies to get rid of dust in your flat.

  1. Humidifier

AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier

You may drastically minimize dust by utilizing a humidifier to bring moisture to the air. Flying particles acquire moisture whenever the air is moist and becomes too dense to float. Moisture will also provide a dust and sticking effect, preventing it from being stirred up into the surrounding atmosphere.

Essential oils should NEVER be used with evaporative humidifiers. The wicking filter will capture any foreign elements added to the water, such as essential oils. As a result, the filter will degrade and possibly fail. So, no, essential oils cannot be used in an evaporative humidifier.

  1. Hygrometer

Humidity Gauge

A hygrometer is an instrument that measures humidity levels. Increasing humidity may lead to the growth of mold in your flat, which can ultimately contribute to the development of house dust. 

  1. Vacuum cleaner

Dirt Devil Endura Reach Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The ideal approach to clean various places and items is to use a vacuum cleaner with a strong filtration, which gathers and retains the dust instead of just spreading it about. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner can be used on different surfaces of your apartment. 

  1. Window screens

DIY Adjustable Magnetic Window Screen Magnet Screen mesh 

The window screen aids in keeping outside dust from entering your house. These modern developments are pretty effective for removing dust particles from your dwelling. 

  1. Use quality devices

Devices such as antistatic polishes and plant chlorophyte help reduce dust by drawing in the air via built-in filters and removing dust throughout the process. It is excellent for dwellings where dust has not yet accumulated, such as recently refurbished or new construction.

How to get rid of dust

 Dust is a nuisance, both for cleanliness and your health. It is also not only unsightly, but it may also include toxins from equipment, computers, and cleaning goods. This is why it is essential to remove dust from your apartment. Here’s how: 

  • Dust your electronics

 Maintain the cleanliness of your gadgets. It would not only minimize the quantity of dust, but it will also improve the performance of your devices. 

  • Change bedding every week

Dust mites mostly hide in your mattress, blankets, and bedding, so it is important to change your beddings constantly to avoid the accumulation of dust. Moreover, the longer you wash your beddings, the more dust will be stuck that might trigger your allergies and skin problems. 

  • Regularly clean air ducts

Cleaning your ducts can assist in reducing the amount of dust in your house by blowing away any dust, debris, or dirt that has been stuck in your ducting. If dust is building in your apartment, there’s probably a lot more in your ducting. In addition, you also assist your air cleaner to perform a great job because the dust is no longer obstructing it.

Even though it is almost difficult to have a dust-free dwelling, there are actions you can take to decrease your exposure to it. You may dramatically reduce air pollution in your apartment and the risk to your well-being by identifying the causes of dust and eradicating as much as necessary on a consistent schedule.

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