Window Cleaning Tools: A Guide To Cleaning Glass & Mirrors

Airbnb customers love large windows and mirrors — they fill a vacation rental with sunlight – creating a warm, cheerful atmosphere. These bright spaces benefit your bottom line, but they also present a challenge – keeping all of that glass clean! Although window cleaning seems simple, it’s surprisingly time-consuming. With the right window cleaning tools, you can keep fingerprints, dust, and water spots at bay.

Why do windows need cleaning

window cleaning

The windows are some of the most prominent parts of a vacation rental. When they’re dirty, it can negatively affect a guest’s perception of the property as a whole — even if the rest of the home is impeccably clean. It’s also a matter of hygiene. Using window cleaning tools removes the fingerprints and oils left behind by previous renters, helping new guests feel comfortable in the space.

How to clean windows without scratching them

A microfiber cloth is the secret weapon of every Airbnb cleaning service. This soft, non-abrasive fabric won’t scratch the glass. The trick is to wipe down the windows and sills with a clean, dry cloth before you spray a cleaning solution. The microfiber picks up loose dust, dirt, and debris. That way, it won’t scratch the glass when you start scrubbing. After you’re done cleaning, soak up excess moisture with another clean cloth to prevent water stains and streaks.

TIP 💡: One of good tools too For windows, a soft-bristled brush is the best tool to use. It will evenly scrub at anything and leave behind a clean surface.

How to use water and vinegar to clean windows

If your Airbnb guests express concern about chemical cleaners, you might be looking for alternatives – natural window cleaning tools. Cleaning your windows with vinegar is the perfect option. It’s cheap, non-toxic, and it can even help eliminate streaks. To make an all-natural cleaning solution, blend equal parts hot water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the glass, and use a clean cloth, sponge, or lint-free paper towel to scrub the window or mirror.

According to Healthline, “White distilled vinegar is the best vinegar for cleaning because it doesn’t contain a coloring agent.” As a result, it won’t leave behind any stains on any surface. White vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent without harmful chemicals.

However, as you clean, keep an eye out for drips. Vinegar can discolor the frame if it sits too long. When you’re cleaning larger windows, prevent drips by spraying the cloth instead of the glass. Don’t worry about the smell; it’ll dissipate as the liquid evaporates.

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Window cleaning tips

The outside surface of a window is a magnet for dirt. Every time it rains, the moisture leaves behind water stains and traces of stuck-on dust. You can break up the dirt by spraying the windows with a hose. If that doesn’t work, spray on your vinegar and water solution, and allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing again.

When you’re cleaning the exterior of a window, height is the biggest obstacle. To extend your reach, use a clean microfiber mop or a window brush with a telescoping handle. Spray your tool with the cleaner of your choice, and scrub down the surface of the window. Rinse off the excess residue.

To prevent streaks, don’t allow the water to dry on the glass. You can soak it up with a microfiber cloth or use a long-handled window squeegee.

Below are more window cleaning tips:

  1. You must first remove all of the dust and debris that has accumulated on your windows before you begin wiping them. Using a cleaning agent right away can result in a muddy solution that will be difficult to remove. Instead, wipe the window down with paper towels or a cloth to remove the majority of the dirt before you begin to clean.
  2. Dish soap is a safe and effective way to clean windows, even if you have pets or children around. It removes grime and oil without leaving streaks. In addition, dish soap is a common household item, so you do not have to make a separate trip to the shop to buy other window cleaning tools.
  3. After using your glass cleaner, there is a variety of stand-ins for paper towels, including newspaper and coffee filters.

Use the right kind of brush

A great brush can make short work of cleaning exterior windows. While it’s tempting to grab any scrubber that’s lying around the house, a dedicated window brush is your best bet. Glass-specific brushes are designed to prevent scratches. Other options include long-handled sponges and microfiber window mops. Most models feature wide heads to maximize coverage and reduce fatigue.

How to clean screens

The window screens are easy to overlook in the cleaning process, but they have a big impact on the final result. The best time to clean window screens is before you tackle the glass.

Take the screens off the windows, and spray them down with a hose. Pay special attention to areas where the screen meets the frame. These narrow channels tend to collect dirt and debris. If you spot caked-on grime, scrub the screen with a sponge or a brush. Do a final rinse, and lean the screen against the wall of the house. By the time you finish the windows, they’ll be dry and ready for replacement.

Without the right window cleaning tools, cleaning is a demanding job. Rush the process, and you’ll be left with unsightly dust and streaks. If you’re struggling to keep your windows clean, a professional Airbnb cleaning service can help. Here at Express Home Maids, we take care of the task for you — our skilled team cleans and polishes every glass surface, so your vacation rental shines. Call us today to find out how we can save you time and create an exceptional experience for your guests.

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