14 Airbnb Signs For Guests That You Should Have

14 Airbnb Signs For Guests That You Should Have

As an Airbnb owner, you must display signage on your property for your visitors. This will make them feel more at ease and allow them to move throughout your home as if it were their own. Moreover, you could ensure that your customers get a positive experience by posting a welcome sign, recycling and trash details, checkout rules, and the official house rules. Placing signs in your vacation property could be a fantastic method of greeting guests and offering them essential information, so start making your signs now. Check out this post to find out what Airbnb signs for guests you should have.

Why should you put signs in your Airbnb house?

Put functional signage throughout your vacation rental to prevent a lot of back-and-forth discussions about minor concerns. This simplifies things for you and your visitors, laying the foundation for a five-star rating. Signage that points out crucial controls such as trash disposal, offers valuable tips like the wifi password, or gives helpful contact details to let your visitors know you pay attention to every piece of information and think about their stay. Also, a simple sign might clear up any confusion if there are spots where visitors have had inquiries.

Furthermore, make sure that your signage is short and simple to understand. Utilize bullet points when you have over one piece of information to offer on a signpost. Ensure they are all in a similar typeface; this is simple to see for senior attendees or those with visual impairments. Keep your signage exciting and enjoyable to read if you genuinely wish to go the additional mile. Also, do not be scared to inject some fun. Just make sure they’re informative and to the point.

Airbnb signs that you should post in your home?

Any signage in your Airbnb must enhance your visitors’ pleasure or be informative, preferably both. Refraining from bombarding your visitors with signs, directions, and cautions at every turn is crucial. While moderation is essential, here are some signs you may want to put up at your Airbnb.

  1. Welcome sign

You may greet your visitors in a variety of ways, for as by providing a note, a welcoming present, or a welcome sign. You could integrate a welcome sign with the wifi information board, or you can get a separate sign. You may also alternatively use a whiteboard or a letterboard as a welcome sign. This is a wonderful method to create a personalized note for every attendee.

  1. Instructions and house rules

Although it’s ideal not to overload your visitors with excessive instructional signage, a short list of reminders may save a lot of time if visitors are doing stuff you do not like them to do. A Pool Standards signage is also an excellent idea if your home has a hot tub or pool.

  1. Wifi password sign

This is a widespread, anticipated, and helpful Airbnb sign. It may be a pleasant way to greet visitors while delivering essential information. There are several methods for informing people about wifi access. This may be an excellent way to greet visitors while also telling them about the wifi connection and password.

  1. No smoking sign

Inform your visitors not to vape or smoke on your premises. The word vaping is particularly crucial since numerous people do not believe it to be smoking.

  1. Bathroom signs

The bathroom deserves its own space on the list since there are a few unique things visitors may do incorrectly in the toilet, such as flushing items they should not have and ruining your white towels with their cosmetics. 

  1. Social media sign

You may post a sign featuring your social media accounts and hashtags if you are active on social networking sites; that is a terrific way to advertise your vacation rental. A social networking site’s sign invites visitors to follow you and post images of your home that have been tagged. If you have visitors who are skilled photographers, you may wind up with some professional-looking images to publish on your Instagram account.

  1. Personalised indoor or outdoor house sign

Add personalized outdoor or interior signage to your home. This might show the name of your business, the location number, the year it was founded, or any combination of these.

  1. Signs of safety and emergencies

You may be obliged to incorporate tenancy signs, fire evacuation signs, emergency exits, or other safety and regulatory signage based on your local authority laws. Contact the local authorities to determine the vital signs for your holiday home.

An organized safety symbol system is recognized across languages and expertise levels. Symbols and visuals alert people faster than words. Safety signs prevent accidents.

  1. Sign with pet policies for your Airbnb

A pet regulations sign displayed anywhere on your property will inform visitors what is required of them. As much as we love our dogs, ensure you establish limits for issues like clearing up pet feces, allowing them on the furniture, and requiring guests to place their pets in a cage while leaving.

Why is Airbnb pet-free?
Airbnb hosts can choose to allow dogs. Airbnb doesn’t cover pet damage, so many hosts don’t accept pets.

  1. Sign indicating nearby amenities and things to do

You will need to have something to do with signage, mainly if your Airbnb is in a tourist-friendly area. Incoming visitors often request advice for activities to engage in or places to dine in the vicinity. A poster or notice in your Airbnb listing things like these is an excellent amenity.

  1. Airbnb parking sign

When your Airbnb home needs guests to park in a specific lot, ensure this is advertised. If there are any areas where visitors cannot park, please sure to inform them before they arrive. If it isn’t your driveway, be sure you place a designated parking space sign in the locations where you do wish people to park.

  1. Airbnb recycling and trash sign

Only when you have it displayed in your Airbnb will visitors think about keeping out the garbage and recyclables for you. They will presume they are not required to do anything when there is no information regarding the weekly garbage collection. Place a garbage schedule sign beside the trash can in your kitchen.

  1. Airbnb host rating sign

This sign informs visitors about how the Airbnb rating scale functions. Several customers might be utilizing Airbnb for the first time and might not understand what a rating implies to you as a host.

  1. Checkout procedures

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A proper checkout protocol is a technique to advise visitors in the most excellent manner possible for your cleaning staff. Tell them, for instance, that you would like all the blankets in one stack and all the dirty linens in another. This will simplify your cleaning service when they begin doing the laundry. This sign must also indicate you’re checking out time so that visitors know whenever they must leave.

💡Clear the checkout time
If you have back-to-back reservations, late checkouts can ruin your schedule. Specify the check-out time and explain why.


Adding an Airbnb sign for guests makes visitors feel at ease and understand how to utilize your place. You could also effortlessly direct visitors around your home with a coordinated signage set. Get your holiday rental to the next level by providing visitors with crucial information to keep your property secure, clean, and organized.

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