16 Best Door Locks For Airbnb

16 Best Door Locks For Airbnb

Contemporary door locks offer excellent protection and efficiency for residents and entrepreneurs everywhere. The capability to virtually and reliably authorizes entry to a home provides this astonishing invention very beneficial for Airbnb hosts. Whether your primary business is to manage Airbnb or you are just looking to rent a private summer home, an excellent door lock could make or break your Airbnb’s safety and efficient functioning.

Furthermore, using smart locks eliminates difficulties, such as misplaced keys and late check-ins, by allowing owners to provide visitors access to their homes for a limited period without requiring a personal meeting to hand over keys. This may be a big time-saver for the homeowner, particularly those operating more than one Airbnb. Visitors will also likely enjoy the enhanced convenience and comfort of highly secure systems. This article will run you through different door locks for Airbnb to help you secure your property.

Why are door locks for Airbnb important?

It ought to be evident that reliability is among the most important factors to consider when looking for the finest door lock for Airbnb rentals. Locks that operate only on Bluetooth are typically safer, considering Wi-Fi-enabled systems are always vulnerable to hacking. If Airbnb is your primary source of income and you are worried about possible break-ins, try using a lock that employs two-factor verification. This could make unlocking procedures more difficult, but it will undoubtedly offer additional comfort and peace.

Furthermore, you might like to consider a commercial-grade smart lock; however, these locks are often more costly than a standard residential alternative. Several locks will also alert you if manipulation or forceful admission is detected. Because there is no external component, nobody can eliminate the device from the door or get accessibility to the electronics when using deadbolt adapter locks. Any prospective hacker would also require to learn what device you have to obtain internet connectivity, which is much more challenging to figure out if the lock is only linked from the inside.

What is the best lock to use for Airbnb?

With the growth of self-service technologies, self-check-in is a tourist trend that is here to remain. Whether you lease out your house for a few days or handle many Airbnb properties, having a door lock will give your visitors better accessibility and improve their experience. Discover below what door locks for Airbnb is most convenient for you.

Best smart door lock for Airbnb

💡Smart door locks can warn you when doors open and close, and some systems even allow you to give various persons their own passcodes, so you know exactly who is entering. You may combine your lock with a smart doorbell camera to view who’s at your door.

  1. August Smart Lock Pro

Since it is adaptable and simple to install, the August Smart Lock Pro is a renowned smart lock for Airbnb. It blends seamlessly over many other deadbolts and provides seamless interaction with Airbnb. Potential visitors will also get an invitation to install and download the app, enabling them to see your posting only during the days of their visit. You will also be able to use the app to check the lock’s status and ensure that no one is viewing your listings when they shouldn’t be.


  • No changes are required to fit on your current deadbolt.
  • A detector guarantees that the door is shut correctly, so you do not need to be concerned about wirelessly closing an open door.
  • It has an auto-lock mechanism that closes the door for a specific time.
  • It may be set to open automatically when visitors arrive at the home.
  • You could still unlock the deadbolt with a key, which is a valuable feature to guarantee you get a backup strategy in place.


  • You might have to change the position of your lock, for the August Smart Lock may crank the deadbolt.
  • The lock itself is relatively large.

  1. Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Smart Lock

The Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Smart Lock has a touchscreen keyboard wherein visitors may input a four-digit code. The Schlage Connect is the most user-friendly smart lock since visitors do not need to register for or install an app on their smartphone. Moreover, owners could maintain credentials remotely using Schlage’s app, but there does not seem to be any Airbnb interface, so hosts could be required to individually establish new passwords for every booking, which might be time-consuming.


  • The lock unlocks automatically when the visitor enters the four-digit code. They press the Schlage key to lock.
  • Hosts may manage regulations from everywhere.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Has a hole for backups usage.


  • To install it, you will have to replace your old deadbolt. You may need to hire a tradesperson if you’re not the DIY kind.
  • There is no interaction with Airbnb. Hosts must manually change credentials for every booking, which could be time-consuming if they have several listings.
  • A Z-wave-enabled smart hub is required.

  1. Yale Assure

Another fantastic choice is the Yale Assure. Since it fits your current deadbolt, it is highly comparable to the Schlage Connect. The Yale Assure is simple to employ, with a backlit touch screen and audio instruction to assist even the most technologically challenged visitors in gaining entrance. Moreover, the Yale Assure contains a function that allows visitors to deactivate all passwords for a limited period by pressing a button within the door. This may attract visitors concerned that the person may intrude on them and desire a more incredible feeling of seclusion.


  • It is very simple to operate with a lighted screen and voice instruction.
  • It has a keyhole for backup accessibility if the batteries fail.
  • You may handle passwords from any location.


  • To install it, you will have to replace your old deadbolt. You may need to hire a handyperson if you are not the DIY type.
  • There is no interaction with Airbnb. Hosts must manually change credentials for every booking, which could be time-consuming if they have several listings.
  • A Z-wave-enabled smart hub is required.

  1. August Smart Lock – 3rd Generation

Individuals have been using August Smart Lock – 3rd Generation lately since its usage is clear even to the most technology-impaired Airbnb visitors. The thumb-turn portion of the deadbolt remains visible, needing no key clicks or battery to unlock or lock the door automatically. The pricing of the August Smart Lock is also quite appealing.


  • Very simple to operate, with a visible lock thumb-turn.
  • It does have a keyhole for backup accessibility if the batteries fail.
  • You may control access from any location.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • Affordable


  • There is no Siri or HomeKit connectivity.

Best door knob lock for Airbnb

  1. Copper Creek Ball Privacy Door Knob

This door knob lock is only appropriate for interior doors like those found in the bathroom and bedroom. It contains a confidentiality locking feature and an outside release button that could be used with a penny or regular screwdriver. There is no keyless cylinder; thus, this is not an external lock. Nevertheless, the bolts are also nickel-plated, and the surface is satin stainless. The design is adaptable, user-friendly, and simple.


  • Cylinders are made of solid brass.
  • The procedure is smooth.
  • The structure is vital.


  • The package doesn’t include a key.

  1. Single Cylinder Deadbolt with matching Tulip Style Knob

This is a good choice if you want a door knob lock that could be used on both exterior and interior doors. It’d be more appropriate to utilize it as an external entrance door. It has a single-cylinder lock on the door with a thumb turn inside, a 6-way extendable latch, and a 4-way movable deadbolt. This is a highly elegant-looking component in terms of appearance and visual appeal, with an accented brass pull completion and simple and clean lines.


  • Resembles any door.
  • Extendable deadbolt.
  • Stunning accented with brass pulls finish.


  • Questionable long-term sturdiness.

  1. Kwikset Juno Entry Knob featuring SmartKey

This is another excellent door knob lock for utilization on outside doors. It is international, which means it suits left and right-handed doors, making it quite flexible. This knob also has an extendable latch that works with all conventional door types. It’s a safe key with a locked cylinder and SmartKey technology that lets you re-key the lock manually in seconds.


  • Handling throughout the board.
  • The latch is adjustable.
  • Re-keying is simple.


  • It is hard to set up.

  1. Keyed Door Knob Lever with Lock and Key

This appears to be an unusual method lock. It’s a handle knob that can be used inside and outside doors. It suits 1.44″ to 2.1″ doors and is very flexible and simple to download without the assistance of an expert. Furthermore, the layout is the first item that catches the eye. This is a style statement with a highly exquisite and sophisticated appearance that could add sophistication to any space. It’s simple to use and has a lovely bronze wrap-up.


  • Managing across the board.
  • The latch is adjustable.
  • Re-keying is simple.


  • It is hard to set up.

Best deadbolt locks for Airbnb

💡The major advantage of a deadbolt is the unique locking mechanism gives you the best protection against forceful physical attack. Deadbolts cannot be broken by crowbars or knives, unlike sprint locks.

  1. Schlage Touch Century Lock

This digital lock is available in various levers and color configurations to complement the style and quality of your mailbox, porch light, and other front yard features. You do not have to buy a distinct handle or spend additional time fixing it since it has one.


  • Since it lacks a manual key, it isn’t easy to pick the lock.
  • A fingerprint-resistant touchscreen is included.
  • Available in a variety of finishes.


  • If the battery fails, there is no way to open the door.
  • Only 19 codes may be stored in total.

  1. Kwikset Signature Series Deadbolt

If you wish to utilize your conventional key, you may configure this deadbolt to operate with it if you lose the password or the battery dies. Other handy characteristics of the lock include a 30-second automated lock and one-touch locking.


  • Provides one-touch locking.
  • A backlit keypad is included.
  • The door is locked 30 seconds after entering the code for enhanced security.


  • Just eight user passwords are stored.
  • It is less ornamental than certain types.

  1. Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt

This lock is compatible with various smart home gadgets, such as Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Ring security systems, and Amazon Alexa. After buying a suitable Z-Wave hub, you may couple it with these devices.


  • Up to 250 codes may be stored.
  • It has different physical buttons for backups.
  • In seconds, you may repair your current deadbolt.


  • Smart home capabilities are only available with the purchase of a standalone hub.
  • There is just one finish offered.

  1. Samsung Digital Door Lock

This smart door lock is an excellent option if you are looking for a contemporary deadbolt. Rather than buttons, this lock has a touchscreen, providing it with the elegant appearance of a cellphone. You may establish double verification to enter a password and swipe a card to gain access to your house. If you enter the incorrect pin five times a row, the audible alarm and card verification are disabled for three minutes.


  • It has a fire detector, and a number of people identifying it for enhanced protection.
  • It has a power indicator that alerts you when the battery is going low.
  • The digital interface guarantees that the numbers do not deteriorate over time.


  • There are no other finishes offered.
  • A mobile cellphone app is not supported.

Best padlocks for Airbnb

💡 Padlocks are smaller, cheaper, and easier to use than door locks. Their drawback is that they require door or object fittings to lock. Padlocks are older than most people assume.

  1. Kwikset SmartKey Padlock

The Kwikset SmartKey lock is precision-keyed. Because it is built of toughened molybdenum, it is more resistant to cutting and sawing than inexpensive locks. It could be re-keyed to any Kwikset house key, and you must lock it before entering it, which makes it ideal for lazy persons. The biggest problem is that lock was too small, causing it to fit around with a bicycle lock and challenging to remove from a chain.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Rekeying is simple.


  • Large and heavy.

  1. Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock

The Master Lock Bluetooth padlock is simple to utilize once you’ve installed the app. As long as you keep the application open on your mobile phone, you can quickly activate the lock by pressing a button without needing a key or a combination. An additional security characteristic also allows you to configure a locker configuration, preventing others from unlocking it while your mobile is nearby.


  • Simple to use.
  • Enhanced protection.


  • Not suitable for outdoor usage.

  1. Master Lock Word Combination Lock

The Master Lock Word Combo’s attraction is limited to its bright colors and the ability to memorize a four-letter term rather than a combo. Trying to unlock this lock had become exceedingly challenging. In addition, its white lettering may also disappear over time.


  • Appealing colors.
  • Letters are used instead of numbers.


  • It’s hard to use.

  1. Master Lock Set Your Combination Padlock

The obvious flaw with Master Lock Set Your Combination is that it is backward. You press down rather than pull to unlock the lock, and you must jumble the digits before shutting it, which is pretty unpleasant. Moreover, you feel like you’re playing against the power, and trying to open it might pain your hands a little. 


  • Long-lasting.
  • The mixture is simple to set up.


  • Numbers are challenging to manipulate.


Getting the ideal door lock for Airbnb to safeguard your home might be challenging, given the industry’s vast and diverse availability of door locks. Based on your security requirements and current security system, you might not be allowed to use any smart lock. We hope this post has helped you decide which door locks for Airbnb are best for you. Always keep your home safe and secured with door locks.

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