14 Things You Should Be Cleaning That You’re Probably Not Doing

It is no lie that cleaning can be challenging, and when you are constantly busy with other things, it feels draining. Cleaning large surfaces like the linens, floors, and dishes is a no-brainer. It is the small details that easily slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, some guests tend to notice these minor errors, which can ruin their experience. Here is a list of those areas that are commonly forgotten when one is cleaning up.

  1. Bathroom walls

When cleaning the bathroom, most people tend to focus on the tub, the toilet, counters, and the floors. The walls are easily forgotten. Unfortunately, dirty water can splash on the walls as you shower, leaving stains. Next time you are cleaning, you can use Clorox cleaner, which does a great job at removing stains.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

While your vacuum cleaner serves to eliminate dirt from your home, it also needs a bit of cleaning once in a while. For it to work effectively and capture all the dirt in your home, take your time to clean with some liquid soap, a microfiber cloth, and some water.

  1. Washing machine

While your washing machine may be in charge of cleaning your clothes, you are in charge of cleaning it. The process is not that hard. You only need water, vinegar, baking soda, and a scrub sponge.

  • Mix the water and baking soda in a small bowl.
  • Add the mixture to the machine’s detergent container, then pour the vinegar into the drum.
  • Set the machine to the hottest water setting, then close it and start it. The mixture helps eliminate dirt and refreshes your machine.
  • Clean the opening with a sponge, to remove stubborn stains, and your machine is good to go.

  1. Dishwasher

If you want your dishes to be cleaned well, then make sure you keep the dish rack clean. It also needs to be washed once with liquid soap and hot water to remove grime. A dishwasher should be washed weekly.

  1. Pet dishes

Imagine if someone was to serve you food with a dirty plate or cup that you used the previous day. Your pet might not complain, but feeding it with a dirty dish is unhealthy. In addition, a dirty pet dish attracts flies and other pests to your home.

  1. Shower curtain

Another item you are probably forgetting is your shower curtain. As you scrub the tiles, tub, and floor, wash your shower curtain as well. Its cleanliness contributes to the general appeal of the bathroom.

  1. Bathroom exhaust fans

The good thing is that you do not have to clean your bathroom exhaust fans every week. But every several months, clean the bathroom exhaust fans. They help reduce moisture in the atmosphere and eliminate odor. When it is dirty, it does not work effectively.

  1. Kitchen exhaust fan

Your kitchen fan plays an important role in removing smoke, steam, grease, and odor from your kitchen. With time, debris builds up, preventing it from working effectively. To avoid this, take some time to open the exhaust fan and clean it.

💡Kitchen exhaust fans reduce cooking emissions in two ways:
1) by removing emissions directly from the stove before they mix with the surrounding air, and
2) by increasing overall air exchange in the home to remove pollutants from the indoor environment.

  1. Toaster

Another item commonly forgotten is the toaster. Beyond wiping the outside of the toaster regularly, once in a while, disassemble the toaster and use dishwashing liquid soap and water to clean it up.

  1. Coffee maker

While you appreciate your cup of coffee in the morning, your coffee maker will also appreciate some cleaning once in a while. To clean your coffee maker, you will need water, white distilled vinegar, coffee filters, and a cleaning cloth.

  • Fill the reservoir with equal parts of water and vinegar.
  • Position the filter in the basket, then turn on the brewer. Halfway, turn it off and allow the mixture to soak for about an hour.
  • Step 3: Turn your coffee maker back on, allowing it to finish the brewing cycle. You can then pour out the solution and flush out the vinegar taste and scent using clean water.

💡Have you ever wondered who invented the coffee maker?
Melitta Bentz in 1908 is the short answer. Melitta Bentz invented the first drip coffee maker with a blotting paper filter. Because the drip coffee maker is what most people think of when they hear the word “coffee maker,” she is the quick and easy answer.

  1. Light switches

While cleaning a home, people tend to forget light switches. Considering the number of people flipping the switch on daily, they harbor germs as well. Make a point to wipe them.

  1. Door handles

When was the last time you wiped your door handles? You can ensure you keep germs at bay by wiping door handles all over the house. Do not forget to sanitize them to reduce the risk of transmitting the flu.

  1. Remote controls

This is one of the items that will probably come into contact with everyone in the house. Therefore, germs can easily thrive if you do not clean it up. It takes less than a minute and a disinfectant wipe to ensure it is clean.

  1. Baseboards

Baseboards can get very dirty if ignored for a long time. Regularly check for stains and wipe them off. Here is an easy step of cleaning the baseboards.

  • Use the vacuum’s brush attachment to remove dirt
  • Wipe with a sponge immersed in a mixture of liquid soap, vinegar, and water
  • Do not forget to clean the crannies
  • Dry them with a dryer sheet to avoid attracting dirt.

The good thing about these commonly forgotten things is that, for some, you do not have to clean them daily. Still, make a point of cleaning or sanitizing them regularly.

💡Baseboards’ purpose is to conceal the seam between the wall and the floor. It conceals the uneven edge of the flooring adjacent to the wall, protects the wall from kicks, abrasion, and furniture, and can be used as decorative molding.

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