Top 12 Summer Upgrades To Help Your Vacation Rental Property Stand Out

Vacationers are looking forward to their next trip when June has finally come. Many people are taking their first proper holiday in well over a year. If you decide to rent out a house for visitors to use while on vacation, consider making a few improvements to make it the perfect environment for tourists. Vacation homes with positive evaluations are much more likely to be rented out regularly.

According to a survey commissioned by Airbnb, U.S. travelers say when they choose a rental, amenities are a big deal — more important than location; shopping and dining in the area; or the nearness to family and friends.

Try these 12 house summer upgrades to get your tenants to become return visitors.

  1. Entertainment

Enabling your visitors to engage in events while at your home is always an enticing addition to your vacation rental offering, whether aimed primarily at individuals or groupings. Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

  • Sporting Equipment

Providing standard sports equipment, such as volleyball, football, or basketball, to your visitors who enjoy a sporty and active lifestyle is an excellent way to engage them. 

  • Outdoor Games

Lego, ladder toss, and Jenga are several easy-to-learn games that usually hit the kids.

  • Board Games

Consider board games as traditional games to keep your visitors entertained. Domino, scrabble, chess, crossword puzzles are some of the most classic games.

You can provide them with an unforgettable and unique experience by creating a custom guide of your favorite things to do, places to eat, and ways to entertain yourself.

  1. Workspace

With so many businesses migrating to an internet format, having legitimate work in your vacation rental listing is likely one of the most recent requirements in today’s market. Here are five prerequisites to ensuring that your home office is up to date:

  • Office Chair

Make sure you have at least one comfy chair that pivots easily and has back support.

  • Designated Workspace

Employ a desk with enough space for a computer and paperwork. Your desk must be at least 50 by 30 inches in size to provide enough room for the user.

  • Office Supplies

Provide the workplace with staples, papers, pencils, pens, and a few other standard office supplies.

  • Outlet Access

Make sure your workplace has at least two electrical outlets so that your visitors may plug in their computer and phone.

A dedicated space allows guests to focus, mentally gets them into a work mode, minimizes distractions, and helps create a work/life balance while working from “home.”

  1. High-speed internet

With the incorporation of technology in our everyday lives, providing high-speed internet is a requirement unless your property aims to have an entirely seamless experience. As previously said, with a mobile emerging economy, your prospective visitors want to travel while working. Obtaining wifi connection is a must if you’re going to increase the number of bookings for your vacation rental listing. Here are some essential recommendations to guarantee that your wifi is cutting-edge.

  • Speed

The speed of your wifi is the most crucial factor. House owners should strive for a minimum of 30 Mbps.

  • Strength

It is vital to ensure that your wifi signal is sufficient to reach the whole property if you want to proclaim the authenticity of your high-speed internet confidently. It is crucial to remember that outside spaces, including a terrace or backyard, are critical in providing enough coverage.

Hosts can verify their listing’s wifi speed without leaving the Airbnb app by using the new wifi speed test.

  1. Security system

Empowering your home with a remote security system is an excellent first step in providing a secure atmosphere for visitors. Implementing a security system offers flexibility in a variety of ways. Allowing your visitors remote access to doors lowers the necessity for the personal touch as well as the danger of misplaced keys.

Moreover, you or your visitor will be notified whenever a door is unlocked. Door monitoring features in remote security systems decrease the need for needless engagement with unwelcome guests. Finally, you can activate and disarm your home alarms from your phone while you’re on the road, ensuring a safe atmosphere at all times. Other advantages of equipping a vacation property listing with a remote security system include lower crime and homeowner’s insurance.

  1. Fully equipped kitchen

You can provide a wide range of kitchenware and utensils such as knives, platters, colanders, toasters, coffee makers, and many more. Visitors who like to cook meals while on vacation will appreciate it.

A fully stocked kitchen is the ultimate convenience for your vacation rental guests. It includes all the basic supplies and essential equipment needed to cook and serve most meals.

  1. Summer essentials

The summer season is almost approaching, which implies that an increasing number of visitors will be eager to stay at your vacation rental home. If you own an Airbnb on a seaside, lakes, or have your private pool, have these goods accessible to your visitors to enhance your chances of getting occupied.

  • Pool
  • Beach towels
  • Umbrellas
  • Floatable chairs or tubes
  • Water toys
  • Sunbathing chairs 

  1. Complete toiletries

you can provide. Visitors anticipate travel-size amenities in any conventional hotel, but they are amazed when they receive the same service in a vacation rental. You may begin by placing body wash and shampoos dispensers on the shower wall and then go beyond and by providing vacation rental products, such as:

  • Toothpaste
  • Lotion
  • Mouthwash
  • Hair Conditioner

The bathroom can offer that momentary space of solitude as well as a great place to unwind from the stresses of the day with a nice hot shower or warm bath. In this, the bathroom becomes much more than just another room in the house, it becomes a safe space.

  1. Clean place

Visitors prefer arriving at a tidy and pleasant vacation rental house. Most vacationers stay for a week or more and will enjoy keeping some cleaning materials on hand to maintain the house neat throughout their visit. Sanitizing wipes, window cleaner, dishwashing detergents, new sponges, and multi-surface cleaner should be available. Most visitors will also anticipate laundry detergents and fabric softeners.

Hosts will receive a special highlight on their listing page once they commit to the cleaning process, so guests searching for a place to stay will know they’ve agreed to follow Airbnb’s standard of cleaning.

  1. Decorate your property

Visitors choose vacation rentals for family holidays because they are distinctive and might feel more like home than a conventional hotel. Add elegance and comfort to any area, use a classical color scheme, or exhibit a beautiful antique for a stunning impression, including a huge, beautiful display item such as a fantastic dresser or an attractive couch to boost space designs.

It’s worth making the effort to create the perfect ambiance for your guests. Not only does this lead to better reviews, it also helps you get more bookings. A decorated space that’s photographed well attracts more inquiries.

  1. Have a garage parking

If you reside in a city, then find out how to vacate your designated location or have a site available for your visitors to use for a nightly charge. If it’s a single-family house with land, either construct a garage or offer accessibility to a car space. You may not like the garage alternative since you don’t want to lend out garage door openers. In such a scenario, consider smart garage door openers, which can be operated by a mobile device and provide guest access and video surveillance.

A garage is a big selling feature in many markets so you will be increasing the marketability of your home.

  1. Complete bedroom amenities

Everybody desires a restful night’s sleep. Even in a low-cost rental, this includes a decent mattress, soft beddings, fresh pillows, and high-quality linen. If you give leftover pillows and bedding that you don’t enjoy having in your own house, your guests will be unimpressed. If you’re going to indulge, start with the bedroom.

  • Sheets

Sheets for holiday rentals should be updated every two years. Old, worn-out sets must be thrown. As a house owner, you must supply two sets of sheets for each bed, such as sleeper couches and trundles. Use white linen since they look better and are easy to clean.

  • Pillows

Keep in mind that you want to radiate elegance and treat your visitors so that they will return. The majority of them like firm pillows, so you must provide, and having two sets enables you to give both medium and complex options.

  1. Pet-friendly place

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If you enable visitors to bring their pets on vacation, you may satisfy them by keeping a set of pet trays for water and food in the kitchen of your property. You might also have a few snacks on hand as an extra special greeting for your four-legged visitors. When their owners assess your facilities later, they will undoubtedly enjoy and appreciate such a kind gift.

With only 3% of listings allowing pets, your listing will get a lot more traction. Pets are considered family by pet-owners. Providing a friendly home for their pets means they’ll be more likely to book with you again.

After the upgrades have been done and the advertising has been completed, it is time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Seasonal changes should result in summer bookings, so be prepared for an increase in reservations after you’ve finished the finishing touches.


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