5 Top Priorities for My House Cleaning

Making efforts to clean your Airbnb is the first step to attracting more guests and keeping the business running. However, the process can be hectic as you need to pay attention to different areas of your establishment to meet your cleaning expectations. As an Airbnb owner, ensure you have a list of areas to prioritize and make the process effective. Note that what you consider as top priorities for my house cleaning business determines the efforts you will make.

What it means to prioritize house cleaning

  • Increases your establishment’s ambiance and attractiveness
  • It makes your guests comfortable and happy
  • It makes running the business effortless
  • Increases income generation
  • Strengthens your marketing strategies
  • It gives your business more positive reviews

The areas to prioritize during cleaning

  1. The kitchen

In any Airbnb that offers cooking services, the kitchen is where you should expect the guests to spend most of their time. As you make efforts to furnish and equip the kitchen, ensure you meet its cleaning needs. As you list the priorities for my house cleaning business, understand that Airbnb does not offer room services and that the kitchen should be functional. Before the cleaning process, assess the room and the household items and appliances present. When cleaning the kitchen, pay attention to:

  • The refrigerator – empty it before cleaning
  • The oven – mop off any spillage
  • The cabinets – empty them and declutter before cleaning
  • The sinks – check for and remove cobwebs and dust under them
  • The shelves – empty them, clean and rearrange them to neatly display the necessities

💡 Maintain the kitchen’s cleanliness by disposing the food scraps properly and removing crumbs.

  1. The floors

In an Airbnb, the floor is the first area the guests will notice as they assess the establishment. You might want to keep your floor always clean and free of dust or crawling insects. You should also be keen on the flooring material you install to make the cleaning process easy and effective. Be thorough with your floors to complement your cleaning efforts. Look for the right products, tools, and equipment to get the best results. Consider deep cleaning your carpets and floor mats to give your establishment the look and feeling it deserves.

  1. The bathroom

The condition of your bathrooms should not make your guests uncomfortable. A repelling bathroom is a customer lost in your business. Cleaning your bathroom should be a priority to make your guests stay longer. Cleaning the bathroom can, however, be a long and hectic process. The bathroom cleaning process should include soap scum removal from showerheads using superior cleaning products. Removing the scum makes the showerheads look new to your guests.

You should also touch up the vanity to ensure its dust and hair strands-free. Clean the cabinets and stock them properly for your guests. The toilet should be the next area to pay attention to. Ensure you clean the interior and exterior for better results. Sanitize the toilet and the bathroom walls to increase the room’s functionality. Clean the walls, floor, and shower curtains and ensure effective in and out water flow.

💡 Over their lifetime, the average person spends at least 92 days in the toilet.

  1. Rooms and common spaces

You should expect your visitors to spend some time outdoors and explore your establishment. The common rooms are essential in this case. As you create a list of priorities for my house cleaning business, be keen on the common areas. Start by taking items out of the sofas and furniture in the room and ensuring they are ready for the upcoming lot. You should also check and clean the fixtures, including the fans, appliances, display items and artwork, and windows and blinds. Ensure everything is in place and reset the place to suit other guests.

💡 Hallways, sidewalks, parking lots, community swimming pools, and laundry facilities are examples of common areas.

  1. Metallic surfaces and glass

The mirrors you have in the bedrooms and common rooms serve many people. As you make efforts to clean your Airbnb, consider the metallic and glass surfaces. Leaving the surfaces spotless is vital for any guest looking to get the best experience in your establishment. As you clean, pay attention to mirrors, windows, glass doors, and other metallic surfaces. Look for proper cleaning products and tools to get the best results while cleaning the surfaces. Alternatively, look for professional cleaners to avoid mistakes that might affect the process.

Cleaning your Airbnb is one way to make your guests comfortable and encourage them to return. The process can, however, be hectic without proper guidance. Paying attention to specific areas, therefore, becomes vital. You easily meet your expectations by creating a list of the areas to prioritize. The guide above explains everything you should know.

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