Tips to Ensure Your Guests Enjoy Airbnb Holiday Experiences

Hosting Airbnb holiday experiences is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise with your Airbnb guests. The experiences are designed by local hosts and are focused on entertaining the guests. The good news is that the experience can increase your property’s booking rate and revenue.

What are clients looking for on an online Airbnb

An Airbnb online experience is a new way to connect people virtually. It’s a nice way to engage guests who don’t want to go for outdoor activities. For Airbnb to ensure you are a good online experience host, you need to showcase your expertise in the following ways.

  1. Participation

Guests want something interactive. They won’t appreciate something that will make them feel like they are in a lecture room. As a host, create an experience that will make the guests feel like they are in your kitchen or their home country. Ensure to make your guest feel welcomed and engaged. In addition, encourage them to ask questions and share fun facts with you.

  1. Audio and picture quality

Your guests may not enjoy the online experience if they can’t hear or see you well. The audio, video, and internet connection quality impact the guest’s overall experience. You may not be a technical expert as a host, but the good picture quality and audio are all that matters.

  1. Easy tasks

How would you feel signing up for a simple cooking class only to find the recipe needs expensive equipment or a complicated recipe? If you want your guests to participate easily in Airbnb holiday experiences, avoid complicated recipes, setups, or the use of hard-to-find ingredients.

  1. Experience

As expected, extensive knowledge of the online experience you plan to host is very important. It’s not logical to teach something you don’t understand, especially practical tasks. The more training and knowledge you have about an activity or hobby, the better.

The benefits of offering Airbnb holiday experiences

  • Boosts economic growth: Your Airbnb guests will eat, shop, and visit the local attractions, benefiting the local businesses. If the hosts live in the area, the money they will gain from hosting will go back into the local economy, plus the council tax.
  • It allows the host to create activities using their hobbies and knowledge. If you like cooking, you can create cooking lessons or anything else you love. You can also try something new and share it with your guests.
  • Earning extra income: If you offer the best Airbnb experience, you will have many guests checking in, thus gaining an extra income. The success of Airbnb depends on how you manage the guests.
  • Educate guests on new cultures: Through an Airbnb experience, you can share local culture with your guests, such as a local recipe or dressing code.

  • It connects guests with locals: Most likely, the Airbnb cleaners, hotel attendants, and tour guides are locals. This will allow inter-community interactions.
  • Create memorable experiences for your guests- entertaining your guests through various experiences will create great memories, making guests reconsider coming back.

Important Airbnb holiday experiences for your guests

Airbnb holiday experiences are online or in-person activities offered by Airbnb hosts who want to share their hobbies or interests through online classes or tours. Guests can also use Airbnb experiences to make new connections or discover local sites.

Major Airbnb experiences include:

Cooking classes

Give your visitors a taste of your food culture by hosting a cooking class. Prepare traditional meals or the best of the city’s cuisine. This is a great way to acquire extra income by teaching others to make various local delicacies.

💡 Advantage of having a cooking class in your Airbnb is your guest can get familiarized with your kitchen.


You can organize a hiking tour if your facility is on the city’s outskirts or you have hiking trails nearby. Show your guests the best photo spots and help them navigate the place. However, you should include the hike in the Airbnb listing to attract hikers.

💡 Hiking is the fourth most popular outdoor activity in the United States, trailing only running, fishing, and biking (also referred to as fast hiking, stationary hiking, and lazy hiking*).

Local tours

You don’t need to have knowledge of Airbnb holiday experiences guided tours. In fact, the best tours are often done by locals with a passion for traveling and exploring their area. You can also organize folk dancing to allow guests to enjoy the local culture.

💡 Apart from online experiences, a host can also provide in-person experiences for the guests. You can show them the local museums, attractions, and culture. This will add value to them and improve your business by attracting more bookings. A happy guest will also leave positive reviews.

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