How to Start an Airbnb Housekeeping Business

Let’s face it; it may not be possible for Airbnb owners to clean up after every guest leaves or requests a booking. This is because many Airbnb hosts have multiple properties in different locations. So, starting an Airbnb business could be a good idea. But before establishing the business, you need to make some preparations to handle the job effectively.

Do your research

This is the first step if you want to become a successful Airbnb housekeeper. Check the competition rates in the region and invent ways to outdo your competitors. Inquire from people who use Airbnb cleaning services about the contracts, terms and conditions, and other details. You can also gather information online or consult business advisors on how to start a cleaning business.

Once you get enough information, you can proceed to the next step.

Create a business plan

A business plan is an effective tool to guide your decisions. It’s also a roadmap to success because it clarifies all aspects of your business, from a marketing plan, business operations, financing, and business timeline.

Include a business name, logo, and other important business details. Outline the cleaning products and the services you intend to offer. If you decide to offer specialized cleaning, ensure to reflect that in your pricing. Decide whether you will employ a cleaner(s), or if you’ll do the work alone.

💡 One of the disadvantage of having a business plan is great business plan necessitates excellent implementation practices.

Market the business

Marketing is the only way to expose your business to potential clients. There are different ways to advertise your business, but consider a strategy that will yield more results. You can try two or more advertising methods for a start. The common advertising methods are:

  • Word of mouth: Get in touch with Airbnb hosts in your area and give them your business cards. If a host gives you a job, they can recommend your services to other clients. Let your family or friends know about the business to help you spread the word to potential clients.
  • Social media marketing: You can market your services through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Join Facebook groups for Airbnb hosts and sell your services. You can also run Facebook ads and sponsored posts to reach target clients.
  • Create a website: Create a business website and find ways to attract potential clients to view and buy your services. Share Airbnb-related blogposts and use high-ranking keywords to attract traffic to your blog.
  • Establish a network: Join business associations and find ways to get involved. You will meet new leads through networking and create brand awareness. Get your name out there by giving away gifts with your business name and free coupons.
  • Work with influencers: Look for an influencer to help you market your business. But look for those who are active in your niche.

Understanding the law

As an Airbnb housekeeper, you should visit the local authority to know which permits or licenses will be required to start the business. You also need insurance cover depending on the number of employees. In addition, learn the minimum wage laws and comply.

Develop a pricing strategy

Your pricing will play a big role in the Airbnb housekeeper’s work. So, research how other businesses are charging. Also, consider charging according to the quality of work and specialized work your team provides. Airbnb hosts will be ready to pay higher prices if you use high-quality cleaning supplies and equipment. However, do not price it too high or too low.

💡 Pricing decisions are influenced by a variety of factors. The most common ones are divided into four categories: customers, competitors, product quality, product costs, and profit maximization.

Maintain communication

Once you get your first client and gain more cleaning experience, you should spice up your communication strategies. Look for the best communication method and maintain consistency. If you get a new lead, follow up with the client by sending regular emails or newsletters.

Be organized

An Airbnb house should be ready and organized before the guests arrive. As a cleaner, it is important to have a clear timeline for all clients. In case of something comes up, inform the Airbnb host in advance to avoid inconvenience. To keep customers, always deliver the best and beyond clients’ expectations.

Expand your business

As you have chosen the Airbnb housekeeping business as your career path, it’s best to expand the business. Open another branch in a different region and look for more clients.

There are many Airbnb cleaners around, and this means one thing, the job can earn you a living. However, you need to plan from the start. Create a business plan and stick to it, market the business, and organize and deliver quality work. This will help you grow your business.

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