5 Ways How to Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

Your Airbnb should make a statement. Impressing your guests is the surest way to get the most out of your investment. Visually appealing spaces will likely attract potential tenants, meaning that your home should be significantly adorable. From its interior décor to its exterior, ensure that it speaks elegance and class. Yet, you need to be careful in handling this process lest you fail to reap the maximum utility in the long run. Various aesthetic improvements could help. They include the following.

  1. Have a theme

Embracing particular themes for your home will often help improve your space. Various options are up for grabs, including contemporary, modern, minimalist, and industrialist. A rustic or traditional interior décor could attract a particular target audience. Whichever theme you choose, ensure that you carry it throughout the room.

For instance, suppose you choose a beachy theme. In this case, ensure that the entire room or house adopts the same. Such uniformity will help enhance comfort and relaxation in your home. You could also consider telling a story with your interior design. In such cases, you will need high-quality furniture, bold accents, excellent lighting, and a spruced-up outdoor area.

  1. Incorporate plants

Having plants in your space comes in handy in boosting aeration within the room. Having a little greenery in your setting could help attract environmental enthusiasts too. While it is an inexpensive approach, ensure that you do it right.

You should incorporate plants into your space only if you can take care of them. You can indulge your vacation rental cleaner in helping get the most out of these plants. They will need to water, fertilize, and propagate the houseplants in such instances. They will also need to re-pot overgrown plants at some point. You can include this in your cleaning checklist.

How to make your Airbnb stand out requires you to choose the right plants. Preferably, focus on low-maintenance plants.

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  1. Wall art

How creative can you get? Including wall art in your space will be an excellent way to show your creative side. In such instances, you could consider repurposing various items to help improve the glow of your wall. Remember, you can get some of these items at thrift stores, making the entire project substantially affordable.

You can use almost anything on your wall, from old skis and coat racks to wall art made from record albums. One of the best platforms to get ideas from is Pinterest, where you can go crazy with anything. Even so, keep your interior décor theme when selecting wall art. This way, you do not need to worry about clashing.

As you look forward to how to make your Airbnb stand out, there is something to note: keep your wall art clean. You must also have the appropriate cleaning supplies in the house. You must also understand how to clean these artworks, ensuring that they last much longer.

Curate a gallery wall

💡 Nothing adds more personality and color to a room than a gallery wall. Showcase a collection of art or photographs, or incorporate wall hangings and other ephemera. Choose simple, cohesive frames or a variety of ornate variations to spice things up! Pro tip: Extend the gallery wall all the way to the ceiling to give the impression of a larger space.

  1. Window treatments

If there is something most Airbnb hosts overlook, it is window treatments. Yet, window treatments will effortlessly offer your home a dramatic appearance, appealing to many tenants. However, you must invest in the right treatments to provide your guests with an immersive experience whenever they are around.

You’ll decide between functionality and aesthetics when choosing a window treatment option. For instance, installing blinds in rooms where children sleep is unnecessary, as they could be damaged easily. On the other hand, bamboo and canvas blinds work best for people who love minimalism. Whichever option you choose, ensure that it has a lovely finish.

Window treatments offer various benefits, including the following.

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Better energy efficiency and minimal utility bills
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Better aeration, indoor air quality, and a relaxed environment

  1. Floor coverings

Floor coverings are an essential addition to your room. However, you’ll need to be careful with what you put on the floor. It would be best to consider practicality when selecting this floor covering. This move will help cushion you against the effects of wear and tear in Airbnb.

Suppose you are in a rural setting surrounded by dirt, debris, or snow. In this case, you’ll need a floor covering that can withstand these elements. Choose relatively darker colors too. It will help ensure that your floor coverings appear brighter for a long time.

When looking at how to make your Airbnb stand out, rugs and mats are essential, yet you must understand how to place them. For instance, burlap is more durable and suitable in the patio area than in the living room.

Your Airbnb is a haven. Accessorize it to make it more appealing and homely for your guests. Keeping it clean will also be worth it. Thankfully, you can achieve all that with the insights above.

💡 Hardwood or carpet are the best flooring choices for the living room. They offer comfort and style without compromising durability.


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