Vacation Rental Host Nightmare: Smoking – Here’s How To Deal With It

Smoking in your short-term vacation rental is a nightmare. Yet, it is one of the most common problems you will deal with. If you have been hosting for a while now, you must have encountered this issue. On the other hand, if you are new to this, expect it soon.

This problem comes in various variations. For example, are you living in the home and have allergies? What if your guests smoke cannabis, and it is illegal in your state? There is also a chance your guests will consider vaping as not smoking. You will also want to look at how you can effortlessly collect a smoking fine. How will you handle a retaliatory review if you get a fine?

Various issues arise, and you might not comfortably address all of them. However, being ready to face them will make a significant difference. The following seven tips will help provide insights into dealing with this problem.

  1. House rules

House rules will often help you indicate what the guest can or cannot do. These rules will also show what you expect of them and what penalties they pay for breaking the rules. Enhanced clarity in these house rules will improve the experience. For instance, explicitly spell it if you do not allow smoking or vaping in the house.

In addition, specify the fees or penalties for smoking or vaping in the house. This move ensures that you get enough backing from Airbnb if something goes wrong. It will also help avoid any inconveniences in the long run.

  1. Make warnings scary

Scary warnings are an excellent idea. While they do not necessarily have to be enforceable, they will help keep various things in check. Ideally, threats will help keep your guests in line, regardless of who they are.

For instance, you could consider stipulating a fine of $300 for any form of smoking. You could also indicate that they will be evicted after paying this fine. These rules do not necessarily have to be enforced. However, make the guests believe it. For example, I use these threats in my Airbnb rental. However, I have never been intentional about the fines or even the eviction.

Is a no smoking sign a symbol?
💡 “No Smoking” signs or the international “No Smoking” symbol
 (consisting of a pictorial representation of a burning cigarette enclosed in a red circle with a red bar across it) shall be clearly and conspicuously posted in any area designated as a public place and place of employment where smoking is prohibited.

  1. Install cameras

Cameras are a perfect investment in your Airbnb. These cameras will help you monitor the various happenings within the room, making it easier to identify smoking. Remember, smoking is notoriously challenging to prove. You cannot use the stench in your home as proof of tobacco or cannabis, meaning that Airbnb will hardly take your side. However, a camera shows what has happened in the facility.

However, you must disclose to your guests that you have cameras around. This move will cushion you against various legal issues if something goes wrong.

💡Samsung is one of the top ten CCTV camera brands in the world. The company was founded in 1985 and has risen to become one of the top ten CCTV camera companies in the market. Samsung is not only the market leader in CCTV cameras in India, but it also has a significant market share in the international market.

  1. Photos are king

Ensure that you take photos of your premises to prove this issue. Usually, you will rely on cleaners to take pictures of the ash or residue on the surface. These pictures will act as evidence, meaning you can send them to Airbnb. However, it would help if you took clear pictures. Enhanced clarity will help avoid back and forth.

  1. A remediation quote helps

Photo source: Quote Master

A smoke remediation quote should help indicate what you are expected to pay. Having this quote beforehand will help you manage your guests, including estimating the fines they should pay. Usually, you will need to take them in advance to cushion yourself against the tedious task of acquiring them. At the same time, ensure that you get this quote from a reputable and qualified professional.

  1. Get an ozone machine

Suppose you want to get rid of the smell quickly. In this case, investing in an ozone machine will come in handy. However, this ozone machine cannot run when people are in the room. You will need to clean the space before running it, ensuring that you do not inconvenience others.

💡 Ozone generators are often used for the purpose of removing strong odors in a room or removing mold and mildew.

  1. Decide between a fine and a review

Usually, you will need to decide between a positive review and getting a smoking fine. There is no way you will evade a retaliatory review if you collect a fine. If you intend to keep your ratings high, you must embrace positive reviews.

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In the past few years, the strategies mentioned above have proven worthwhile. These tips will ensure that penalties and smoking instances go down. Its impact is significant, yet you must personalize the approach.

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