Tips For Getting Great Airbnb Reviews

Are you planning to invest, or do you have vocational rentals? As all investors in vocational rental understand, great reviews are usually essential for the success of an investment. If you want to guarantee great reviews, you must work hard to ensure your visitors have a great time on your property. Typically, great Airbnb reviews guarantee high bookings. The following are some tips on how to get good Airbnb reviews.

Request your guests nicely

This is usually the first step that you should take. If you are sure that your guest had a nice experience on your property, consider requesting your guests to leave a positive review about your property.

You can use various methods, including calling them directly or sending them an email. Reaching out to your guests immediately after leaving your premises to thank them for choosing your premises is usually a smart move. Use this opportunity to tell them to request them to leave a positive review concerning the time spent on your property.

Offer your guests gifts

People usually like and appreciate gifts, especially during vacations. If you want to create a good impression on your guests, consider giving them gifts. Furthermore, the gifts don’t have to be extravagant. The main reason why people prefer visiting Airbnb is getting better amenities. Therefore, having extra services can significantly improve your rating. Some of the small gifts you should consider giving your guests include:

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  • Small chocolates
  • Coffee and tea
  • Bottles of water
  • Fruit bowls
  • Candy bars
  • Cheese crackers or Biscuits

Make your guests feel at home

Making your visitors feel welcome to your premises enhances their comfort and makes them at home. You can achieve this through various ways, such as welcoming an individual personally or leaving a welcoming note. Although this may seem obvious, it can have a significant effect on the comfort of your guests.

Rather than dropping a welcoming note every time a visitor checks in, consider sending them a message asking their views on whether they find the place satisfactory. Common complaints usually raised by guests include:

  • Unclean rooms
  • Presence of other people’s property
  • Absence of hot water
  • Complains about the food
  • Rude staff

Provide local tips

Consider giving your visitors suggestions for the best local places to visit in your location. Such information makes them have a great experience, and this may, in turn, make you have positive rental reviews. Some of the local tips you should offer include the best activities, sites, or restaurants in your location.

💡 You can also consider creating a guidebook for your guests as your strategy on how to get good Airbnb reviews. Besides, you can also visit local businesses like restaurants or tourist sites to obtain discounts or coupons for your guests. Typically, your guests will usually be excited to learn that you dedicated your time to offer extra services.

Maintain cleanliness on your property

One of the common reasons your rentals may receive negative reviews is the presence of dirt in the rooms. Maintaining cleanliness is essential for enhancing your guest’s quality of stay and can also help your rentals receive high ratings. Some of the areas you should pay attention to include:

  • Appliances
  • Dishes
  • The floor
  • Beddings

Consider outsourcing the service if you find it challenging to take care of your rentals’ cleanliness. Cleaning companies offer professional cleaning services since they have the required tools and human resources to meet your expectations.

Communication is key

Adopting good communication skills in business helps build trust with clients and also assists you in getting positive reviews. For instance, you should always respond to your clients’ demands or queries quickly to ensure they remain comfortable. Moreover, quality of communication is also an essential aspect. Ensure you remain friendly and positive when communicating with your guests. 

💡A positive guest experience begins with effective communication. As a Host, you can help guests have a great stay (and encourage positive reviews) by communicating clearly and promptly from the time they express interest in your listing until they check out.

Be Truthful

You should always ensure your rentals resembles your descriptions. If your guests find them different, they may lose trust and interest in your facility. Some methods of avoiding deceit include taking quality pictures of your property and offering correct and accurate information to potential customers.

The success of a business usually depends on various factors. Getting good and positive Airbnb reviews about your rentals can significantly boost your business’s success. Moreover, your primary strategic plan should focus on your service quality and guest’s comfort. If you are enquiring about how to get good Airbnb reviews, consider the above tips.

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