6 Top Benefits of Being a Vacation Rental House Cleaner

Vacation homes usually open doors for many business opportunities, including the cleaning business. It is a lucrative business, and if you manage to connect with many vacation homeowners, you will constantly have a source of income. While this may look like a messy path, there are certain benefits of being a vacation rental house cleaner. Take a look at some of them.

  1. Earn an income

The main benefit of cleaning vacation rental homes is that you earn. It is a job like any other where you will be charging hosts for cleaning their vacation rental unit. Professional cleaners can make approximately $40 per hour. This is just standard cleaning. If you are doing a deep cleaning, you can make as much as $60 per hour or more.


As much as cleaning a vacation rental home pays, note that you also need clients from the start. So, to ensure you earn well from this business, do the following:

  • Market your business
  • Do a great job encouraging referrals
  • Have reasonable rates
  • If you have a team, ensure they are doing a good job
  • Communicate effectively with your clients to avoid inconveniences

🔔 Airbnb issued a cleaning protocol in April 2020, in the early stages of the pandemic, emphasizing the importance of vacation rental cleanliness.

  1. Learn new skills

Another advantage of being a cleaner is that you get to learn new skills. You may assume that you are familiar with all the right techniques used in cleaning only to realize there is more to learn. While most people can clean up using some paper towels or a broom, professional cleaners have their secret tools.

lean new skills

For instance, you can easily remove smudges or fingerprints from a stainless steel object in the kitchen with a paper towel and some olive oil. White vinegar also has many uses, as outlined below:

  • Can help clean the dishwasher or as a rinsing agent to get your plates and glasses clean
  • Helps remove stubborn stains on tiles and grout
  • Helps remove stubborn stains like ketchup and mustard on laundry
  • Clean sterling silver and stainless steel cookware
  • Eliminate hard water stains on surfaces
  • Used to clean hardwood floors and windows
  • Remove tough stains from fixtures and faucets

Baking soda is another effective agent that can be used to clean many things in a vacation rental home.

As you can tell, cleaners are always striving to find new, affordable, and effective solutions for even the toughest stains. Cleaning a vacation rental property is not just a job but also a learning opportunity to learn various cleaning techniques that you can also apply to your home.

  1. Visiting new places

a man holding his baggage

One of the perks of being a vacation rental house cleaner is that you get to visit as many places as possible. It opens doors to exploring new places that you would not have visited otherwise. If you are located near a popular tourist destination like a lake or beach, you will often find yourself cleaning extraordinary properties. And even though the majority of your time will be spent cleaning, you will also be surrounded by pleasant views. Plus, there are certain properties that you may not have expected to see on a vacation homes website that can interest you.

  1. Meet new people

Besides exploring new spaces, cleaning vacation rentals allows you to meet new people. As you clean, you will meet different hosts as you offer your services. Some may even share some interesting stories about different guests they have encountered. Plus, it can also open doors for new business, especially if you do a great job.

💡 Whether you are exploring a place you have never been to or forming beneficial relationships with hosts, cleaning a vacation rental unit can create many other opportunities.

  1. Push yourself to new limits

comfort zone

Like most endeavors, cleaning vacation rental homes will push you out of your comfort zone. Picture a situation where you are about to clean a home where there was a house party. At first, it may feel like the mess is too much. But because you have done this before, you will find ways to clean up the mess. Being a professional cleaner will teach you some organizational skills if you want to clean up a unit effectively. And once you have learned this, you can apply these skills to other aspects of your life.

  1. Improve your entrepreneurial skills

man in business suit and woman, handshaking

Being a professional cleaner is a job like any other that needs you to be a smart entrepreneur. While on the job, you learn how to manage your team better, communicate effectively with hosts, and provide better services that will give you a good reputation. As you continue, you will improve your skills and become a better entrepreneur.

As seen, being a vacation rental house cleaner comes with its own advantages. Like any other career, there might be a few challenges on the way, but the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

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