How to Successfully Handle Airbnb Management Cleaning Service Like a Boss

Handle Airbnb Management Cleaning Service

Property owners turn to external Airbnb cleaning services to ensure their properties are clean and conducive for their guests. When Airbnb guests are looking for a room on a property, they always have high expectations, and the best thing a host can do is meet their confidence. Some Airbnb cleaners freelance independently, while others work with companies that partner with Airbnb owners. Whether you are riding solo or partnering with a company, there are some tips you should follow to ensure you run your Airbnb cleaning service like a boss. Below are some of the tips you should follow for your cleaning service business to expand.

  1. Selecting your customers

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When you have a good reputation for Airbnb management cleaning services, you will always be one call away from most Airbnb hosts. You may have various choices of cleaning jobs, and you can decide which jobs you can squeeze into your schedule. It would help if you held brief talks with potential clients before accepting any job. This enables you to understand what the clients expect from you, and if you can deliver good results, you can consider taking the job. Sometimes you should inquire about your customers to understand them better to build a lasting business relationship. The following are questions you could consider asking potential clients.

  • How long have they rented out the Airbnb property?
  • How many cleaners have they worked with before?
  • Why can’t they work with previous cleaners?
  • What cleaning techniques do they prefer?

🔔Read between the lines and avoid inconveniences later when the job is complete. Being wise while selecting which client to work with is vital.

  1. Daily program

Once you have several clients who need their Airbnbs cleaned daily, you should have a schedule to avoid missing out on jobs or checking in late. Ensure your cleaning supplies are fully stocked, and keep on checking the sites you work for if there is any job available. Organize your work according to where you are supposed to check in first to the next person. Having a well-planned schedule allows you to save time and guides you to where you are required next. Being a well-planned cleaner attracts more clients to your work, thus earning more money. Cleaning work is easy to do, but the challenging part of this Airbnb management cleaning service is the aspect. Your discipline will eventually turn you into a boss when you are well organized.

💡 A cleaning schedule allows your employees to keep track of what needs to be cleaned, how frequently it should be cleaned, when it should be cleaned, and who cleaned it. You can make a cleaning schedule by walking through your business and noting what needs to be cleaned.

  1. Consistency

When it’s your first time cleaning for a new client, it is best to do a thorough job that will thrill the client. With excellent standards, you set the first time you clean for your client, ensure you maintain the pace because one great cleanliness will not matter if you lower your standards the next time. An excellent cleaner makes it a habit to be consistent throughout, no matter how long you have worked for the client. Sometimes cleaners do good work during their first days, and after a while, their cleaning techniques deteriorate, leaving the client with no option but firing you. Good cleaners will be consistent in their work because steady work will attract more clients, leading to the expansion of your Airbnb management cleaning services.

🤔 How long should cleaning an Airbnb take?
To be honest, it takes the two of cleaners almost the entire four hours to clean the house from top to bottom, so every extra minute counts. Washing and drying linens, particularly towels, takes the most time during the cleaning process.

  1. Attentiveness

Everybody reasons regarding their point of view and for you to be a boss, you must be attentive to every slight detail during cleaning. For example, there is a difference between a surface that looks clean and a clean surface. A careful cleaner can clean areas that are not easy to detect and clean areas clients never knew required cleaning. Once you clean effectively, your client will be impressed by your work, and there are high chances for them to hire you the next time they need a cleaner.

  1. Honesty

You may possess all the qualities of an excellent cleaner for you to be termed a boss, but it can be challenging when dealing with your clients if you are not honest. Your job should be drama free, and therefore, if an accident occurs during the process, you should report what happened even if you are at fault. Honesty allows you and the client to solve the issue quickly without fuss. Dishonesty can lead to undesirable circumstances like repaying for damages incurred.

Being a boss only requires discipline and maximum effort in your work, and as a cleaning agent, the attributes mentioned above can make you a better cleaner if you follow them keenly. If you want a successful Airbnb management cleaning service, you should be patient, humble, and learn to accept rectification affirmatively.

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