Major Airbnb Host Issues and Their Solutions

Major Airbnb Host Issues and Their Solutions

Owning and managing vacation rentals is not an easy task. You may sometimes host loud guests, drunken guests who damage your property, and other issues may arise due to poor communication. If you are a host or an aspiring to be, you will experience such problems with your clients. It is best to know several issues hosts encounter to be prepared if they happen to you. Below are some significant issues for vacation rental hosts and their solutions.

Lack of amenities

Sometimes your vacation rental cleaner may forget to restock toiletries, sugar, or coffee, which may inconvenience your guests. Other instances like Wi-Fi failure and water shortages may occur, and you are liable for fixing the Airbnb host issues immediately. It is best to respond to their claims as soon as possible to prevent having bad reviews from your customers. The solution to such tiny problems is ensuring all amenities are available by inspecting the crib hours before the guests’ check-in. In the guidelines of your vacation rentals, you can offer your clients the most convenient way to reach you in case there are problems arising during their stay. The form of communication you offer is advisable to have features where they can attach photos and videos as evidence to support their claim.

Guest search results worldwide show that the top 10 amenities guests want right now are: A pool, WiFi, and a kitchen.

Loud guests

Some guests book a vacation rental for two guests, and after checking in, they invite other unauthorized guests into their rental. If such a situation occurs on your property, you can ask them to leave, and if they don’t follow your order, you can proceed and do the following:

  • Charge each additional guest the fee one person is supposed to pay.
  • If the guests have exceeded three, consider filing a report on your Airbnb platform and consider their reservation being revoked so that they can leave.
  • Have a conversation with them without accusing them of breaking the rules, and ensure you come to an understanding.

If you manage your vacation rental from a distance, you can use noise monitors like Noise Aware, which can allow you to track if there are more guests than authorized from wherever you are in the world.

Stolen and vandalized items

Accidents sometimes occur, and the vacation property may incur damage while other items go missing. Before renting out your crib, ensure you record everything available in your rentals and have insurance to keep your property safe. Keeping a record helps as evidence in case something goes missing. When your items go missing, the first step you should take is to contact the guest to confirm if they have them. If the lost or damaged items are worth filing a claim, kindly let your attorney follow up with insurance companies and record the incident with police officers. A police report should be among the evidence required when asking for reimbursement.

Food and drink remains

Almost every vacation rental house has a kitchen with the required appliances. When vacation is over and the guests leave, they leave behind the food and the leftovers. Your cleaner may decide to throw away the food, but if the drinks are sealed, the cleaner can store them in the refrigerators for other guests to use if they want. However, perishable fruits and vegetables can be given to needy street kids.

One of the most serious Airbnb issues for a host is an unexpected, last-minute cancellation. To avoid such problems, communicate with a guest before accepting the booking and read other hosts’ reviews.

Arrival and departure time policies

The vacation rental guidelines should clearly state the check-in and check-out time. This helps control inconveniences such as guests arriving earlier than when the cleaner is doing their work. The guests may come with loaded bags, which can create chaos because they want to settle down, but the cleaner may be trying hard to make the spaces clean for them to enjoy their vacation. The best way to curb such Airbnb host issues is by enforcing the no-early check-in guidelines in the policies.

Pets policies

Most people worldwide own pets like dogs and some rental vacation properties are not pet-friendly. Some people may still insist on bringing their pets with them, which would put other guests at risk of contracting pet diseases. When such negligent people bring pets over, you could consider charging them an inconvenient fee and vacating them from the property. Ensure you enforce the policy of no pets being allowed to avoid undesirable circumstances.


There are times when unfortunate things happen when people are on vacation, leading them to get back home soon. In case such incidences occur, you can contact the platform for it to consider reimbursing the client some cash, depending on their concern. If the situation is worse, you can offer an additional refund to the guests for them to come back the next time.

Other problems may arise with your property when you rent it out. However, knowing how to handle them is what matters. Whether it’s your first time managing a property or you are experienced, the above Airbnb host issues and solutions can assist you by ensuring you save time and money.

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