7 Attractive Decor Ideas for Airbnb

Most people love booking Airbnb whenever they take a trip out of town. The exciting part is often looking at the listings and seeing the variety of beautiful spaces to choose from. Guests are always looking for a space that is appealing, clean, and promises comfort. If you are an Airbnb host, you should always strive to provide an aesthetically pleasing space for your guests. This means making a few changes here and there to give your space a cohesive look. Discussed below are some decor ideas for Airbnb that can make your unit more attractive.

  1. Cozy it up with a rug

Use a rug to give your Airbnb that homely look and feel. You can place it under the bed, sofa, dining table, and other designated rooms. Rugs instantly bring some warmth to the environment. They create that cozy setting that your guests are going to enjoy. One of the mistakes to avoid is placing a rug that is too small. Go with a 5′ x 7′ rug under the sofa or bed. And if the space is bigger, get a bigger rug. If you have a fireplace, then ensure there is a rug next to it. It will feel great sitting on top of a plush rug next to a fireplace. However, for this, a small rug will do. Something else to consider when picking a rug is the color and pattern. Try and stick to the theme of the unit. Remember, you are trying to create a cohesive look. So, choose a color or pattern that brings some balance to the room.

What is the use of a rug?

They warm up a room while adding a decorative touch: rugs are a sure-fire way to add color and texture to any room. A rug can anchor a room, define it, add warmth, and help layer a room’s decor. A graphic, modern rug is enough to create an entire world of its own, showcasing our furniture.
20 Reasons Why You Need a Rug in Your Life

  1. Add lighting

Unfortunately, most hosts overlook lighting, yet it can either make or break your Airbnb. Good lighting is not for functionality nowadays. It also comes with an aesthetic component that you need to take advantage of. There are many fixtures out there in terms of design, color, and size. So, try to make lighting not just for function but also for appeal. Hanging a pendant light over the dining table adds some touches to your dining room. Do not forget about table lamps. Get a few and place them in the living areas and bedside tables. You can also include string lighting to provide a romantic and relaxed feel to your Airbnb. Including such features in your home will make your rental appealing to guests.

  1. Add a coffee table

As much as a coffee table is for functionality above everything else, do not allow it just to be plain. Use it to create a vignette on your Airbnb. Stack a few decorative books on the table, then place some decorative objects like a flower vase on top. Another great tip is placing a tray on top, then adding some decorative objects to it.

A coffee table is a low table designed to be placed in a sitting area for convenient support of beverages, remote controls, magazines, books (especially large, illustrated coffee table books), decorative objects, and other small items.

  1. Pillow pop

With pillows, a good place to start is by buying less. Interior designers agree that odd numbers always look great. The exception to the rule for an even number is in a contemporary living room, where even numbers create symmetry. Three decorative pillows are just enough for a bed. If it is a large sofa, five is enough. Also, try mixing patterns, pillow shapes, and sizes. Just ensure you stick to the same color palette.

  1. Hang some art

When most people think of art, what comes to mind is the cost. You do not have to spend so much on art unless you are looking for original pieces. In addition, it is one of the easiest decor ideas for Airbnb anyone can incorporate. There are many places you can buy affordable art and place it on your walls. One of the advantages is that it gives some life to your walls. This is particularly important if you do not have a panoramic view outside, such as an ocean or mountains.

The Modern Rules of Wall Decor

A general rule of thumb is that you can cover 60% of the area with wall decor and must leave 40% of the area blank. This rule applies even when you are hanging a piece of painting or a cluster of frames behind your sofa. The size of your painting should be around 60% of the width of the sofa.

  1. Bouncing light

Make the space feel more open by adding more mirrors and reflective décor elements. They will bounce light around the room and make it feel spacious. Try circular mirrors. Not only are they appealing, they can help break a room that has many rectangular elements.

  1. Paint it

Do you own a piece of furniture that has aged? Try painting it. For instance, if you have a metal coffee table that has seen better days, refurbish it. A gold or bronze spray paint will transform it into a favorite piece in the room.

What exactly does it mean to “refurbish” a piece of furniture?

Reupholstering, refinishing, adding a different top or seat, repainting or staining, or a complete overhaul are all possibilities. Excessive or outdated details are occasionally removed or adjusted, and new features are created.

These simple decor ideas for Airbnb are easy to implement. But if you feel overwhelmed, hire an interior designer to help you.

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