Best Way How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell In Your Airbnb Place

An Airbnb with a smell of smoke is not pleasant at all. Maybe your guests were smoking, or they burnt something as they cooked. Either way, when fabrics or surfaces absorb smoke, getting rid of that smell can be hard. So how do you restore your Airbnb to its fresh and clean state? Here are some ideas that can help.

Give Your Place a Thorough Cleaning

If the smoke was in your home for only a short period, then some basic cleaning can help remove the smoke smell. You can choose to call cleaners or do the job yourself, but here is where you can start.

  • Eliminate cigarette butts, ashtrays, stained cloth, or plates for cleaning.
  • Open your doors and windows, then place fans everywhere. Ensure they are placed in a way that they are blowing breeze away from your home.
  • Replace the AC’s air filters to give your Airbnb a fresh smell.
  • Remove any item and lines you can and clean with a scented detergent to remove the smell of smoke.
  • Dust your furniture as it may have trapped some smoke smell.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Wipe down all the hard surfaces, including floors, walls, windows, and baseboards. Smoke can be tricky to eliminate as it will stick to anything it can because of the ingredients it contains. If not properly cleaned, the smell will build up with time, and getting rid of it will be an even harder task. A mixture of diluted vinegar and water works well and helps remove the odor. You can also use antibacterial sprays or all-purpose cleaners as they are effective as well.

To remove the smell permanently, one must remove the source of the problem. This means cleaning all surfaces in your home.

Get an Ozone Machine

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Another way to get rid of the smoke smell is by using an ozone machine. Open your windows and switch it on for a couple of hours. In no time, the smell will have cleared up. You can also rent the machine instead of buying it. There are also several other purifying systems on the market that can help remove the smoke smell in your home. This includes an Aironic or Winix Germ Guardian.

The use of an ozone generator requires a temporary evacuation from the home, and the cost of rental can range in the low hundreds. If you elect to operate the machine yourself, be sure to follow the safety precautions that accompany the rental machine.


Vinegar is also another great product that can help remove that pesky smoke smell from your place. Depending on how big the place is, you can use about a gallon of vinegar. Vinegar tends to absorb any odors around its surrounding areas. Get as many bowls or containers as possible, pour vinegar inside, and place them in different locations around the house. Ensure the bowls are shallow and give them about 24 hours. By the end of the day, the smoke should be gone. You can also wipe surfaces with scented water to give your home a fresh smell.

If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, try mixing a bit of lavender oil into the bowls to help cut the odor of the vinegar.


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This product is popular for reducing odor around the house. Febreze contains a compound called cyclodextrin that absorbs odor. Spraying it around your home can help reduce the unwanted smell.

Baking Soda

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Baking soda is also an odor absorber that can help make things better. Sprinkle some amount over the furniture and floors and leave a few bowls containing baking soda around your home. After a day, the smell should be gone, and you can vacuum your home as usual.

Activated Charcoal

While most of the time activated charcoal is used as a detoxifying agent, it also absorbs odor. You can put the powdered activated charcoal in small bowls and place them strategically around the house to help absorb the smoke odor.


Some surfaces may not respond to the above options, so you will need to try cleaning with ammonia. When cleaning with ammonia, some tips to keep in mind include:

  • Read the labeled instructions carefully, including how to handle an ammonia accident.
  • Ensure you have worn gloves to protect the skin
  • Do not mix ammonia with chlorine bleach
  • Always mix it with water to reduce toxicity.

While you cannot control something like a guest burning food, you can prohibit smoking on the property and direct guests to areas where they can smoke. Either way, if you find your place smelling smoke, the above products and tips are some of the ways how to get rid of the smoke smell on your property.


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