Ultimate Guide To Keep Your Airbnb Pools Clean

One of the major amenities that Airbnb guests are always looking for is a pool, especially during summer. But no guest wants to start looking for a pool elsewhere because yours is dirty. That means, as part of your usual Airbnb cleaning, you should add your pool to the list. Do not wait for the last-minute rush when a guest has booked your space to ensure your pool is clean. Get in the habit of cleaning often to make your work easier. Here are a few tips on how to keep your pool clean.

Pool cleaning tools

As much as chemicals like chlorine and bromine help keep the water clean, there are a few other steps you will have to take to ensure the pool is clean. Below are some of the important tools you will need.

Telescopic pole

One of the main supplies you will need is a telescopic pole. They are adjustable, and you can also attach various things to them, including a skimmer net and a brush. Take the right measurement of your pool so that you buy a pole that can reach both the middle and the deep end. You can find various telescopic poles on Amazon or Home Depot.

Skimmer net

There are two types of skimmer nets you can use to collect any accumulated debris on top of the pool: a bag skimmer and a fat skimmer. A bag skimmer holds more debris but emptying it while wet is challenging. A flat skimmer is not hard to empty, but it will also not collect much.

💡 Did you know that the majority of debris that enters the water settles on the water’s surface? While brushing and vacuuming are important maintenance steps, skimming the pool is one of the most important aspects of pool and spa care.

Pool brush

Another important attachment you will need is a pool brush. You can attach it to the telescopic pole and scrub the walls and floors of your pool. Since Airbnb cleaning needs to be extensive, do not skip this tool.

Most pool brushes will last four to five years before wearing out and becoming less effective. Check the bristles on a regular basis, and if they appear worn or damaged, it may be time to replace your brush.


The last piece of equipment you will need to clean up your pool is a vacuum. You can buy a manual or an automatic vacuum. The manual vacuum is cheaper but also labor-intensive. Research both types before buying one. Here is a step-by-step method on how to clean your pool.

  • Skim the pool surface with a net skimmer to remove foreign solids like leaves, bugs, and twigs.
  • Attach your brush to the telescoping pole and brush around the pools, including the floors, side ladders, or stairs.
  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool to remove any grime still stuck. If you are using a manual vacuum, you will have to spend more time on those areas that look dirtier than usual.
  • Do not forget to clean the pool filter because it may be holding grime, debris, or any other build-up material.
  • Once the pool is all clean, you can test the pH level of your water. Ideally, it should range between 7.2 and 7.6. If it is anything less than that or more, add a pH increaser or reducer to bring the water to the correct pH range.

Pool sanitizers

To ensure your pool is clean and safe for guests, you will have to sanitize it using chlorine or bromine. Follow the instructions on your label so as not to put too much or too little.

Pool maintenance

To make your pool cleaning work easier, here are general maintenance tips you should observe.

  • Skim the pool every day or at least after a day
  • Brush and vacuum the pool once a week to prevent dirt from getting stuck.
  • Pool filters should be cleaned every six months.
  • You will need to sanitize the pool with chlorine once a week.

Keeping your pool’s water chemistry balanced is one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance. When your water is not balanced, a variety of problems can occur, including damage to your pool equipment and handrails, irritation to your skin and eyes while swimming, shortened pool liner life, and more.

The surrounding areas

Once your pool is clean, do not forget the surrounding areas. If possible, use a pressure washer to clean the pool deck and walkway. Clean the patio furniture as well and remove any debris from the lawn.

Pool safety

Remember to adhere to safety precautions, including having flotation devices to help guests.

These are the basics of pool cleaning on Airbnb. If you properly maintain it as recommended, your Airbnb cleaning will not be hard or time-consuming.


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