Cleaning After an Airbnb Party: The Ultimate Guide

Parties are great, who doesn’t love a great party? Well, as fun as parties are, they can be a huge hassle when it comes to cleaning up your Airbnb rental after someone has rented it to have a party. There are some tips and tricks, however, that will make cleaning up a cinch so that you can rent that space out again and make some more money.

Cleaning up alcohol

Any great AirBnb cleaner is going to be prepared for nearly anything, even for spilled alcohol. After an adult party, alcohol is something that you should expect to find on the premises. This means that you should also have some tips about how to clean it up.

  1. Place a wet sponge on the area that is affected and allow it to soak. If it is on things like curtains and sheets that can be laundered, place them in the washer and let them soak.
  2. Add a prewash or a stain remover to the fabric to help release the stain so that it can be scrubbed out.
  3. If you can put it in the washer, do so and wash it with solutions that are designed to remove the alcohol. You can get some great cleaners that are perfect for Airbnb cleaners to help remove the stains that alcohol leaves.

White vinegar can also remove wine stains 🍾
😲 Especially when it comes to red wine stains. Pour the vinegar directly on the stain, soak it thoroughly. Add a few drops of any laundry detergent and dub it so both ingredients start to work together. Let them soak for half an hour.

You can get a specific cleaner that is meant to remove the enzymes in alcohol and make for an easy cleanup process. If you have alcohol on the floor or furniture, a shampooer with cleaner inside is a great way to get the stains out.

Broken glass

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Another common thing that your Airbnb cleaner may come up against is broken glass. With broken glass, the most important thing to remember is that you want to protect your hands and face. If you are picking the glass up, you should wear latex or thick gloves that are going to be hard to penetrate. Sweep up or pick up the larger pieces then dispose of them properly so that they do not cut you or cut the garbage disposal people when they take away the trash. You can also use tips like a damp paper towel to pick up very small pieces, bread slices, and more.

You then need to make sure that you vacuum and remove any very small particulates. This is going to protect you and your renters from cuts. You can also use a hair roller or sticky tape to pick up the very small pieces that might be still on the floor or the surface that the glass was broken on. One of the biggest things to keep in mind when cleaning up glass is that very small shards are still dangerous. If you are dealing with small shards, you want to make sure you clean it up totally to make sure your guests are safe and that all the glass is cleaned up.

General clean up

With any cleaner, it may be best to make sure that your cleaners are protected. Using gloves and masks is a great way to make sure you are not going to come in contact with harmful substances and that you are going to be able to clean thoroughly. A fantastic way to clean a space like an Airbnb is to start with one room at a time or one task at a time. If you are cleaning one task at a time you may want to go through and pick up all the trash first, then the laundry, then the floors, and so on. Being task-oriented is going to help you ensure that the entire space gets cleaned from top to bottom. If you are dealing with very difficult cleanup jobs, you may want to get more than one person to come and work with you to help make the process faster and more efficient. A great Airbnb cleaner is going to help you make sure that your space is clean and ready for new renters so that you can rest easily. The right cleaner is going to be dependable, they are going to be thorough and they are going to help you keep your rental in great shape.

🔔Did you know most people say that their favourite room to clean in their house is the bathroom – what’s yours? 🤔


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