Airbnb Cleaners Should Pay Attention to Detail

When you hire Airbnb cleaners you of course expect them to do the big cleaning. That is something that is non-negotiable. That being said, there are plenty of smaller details that can help make the space seem much cleaner and can help you keep your rental looking great. Here are a few things that your Airbnb cleaners can do to pay attention to detail and truly get your space looking fantastic.

From general cleaning tasks to more specific jobs per room, find out what needs to be completed before your next guest can check in.

A Detailed Airbnb Cleaning Checklist to Keep Your Property Pristine

Testing Items in the Space

The first thing that Airbnb cleaners can do to set themselves apart is to take the time to test items around the space. This means doing things like checking remotes to make sure the batteries are working well, check appliances in the kitchen to make sure they are working, and check that the lights and lightbulbs are all in working order. Though we might not think that a blown lightbulb is all that bad, if you have a renter that comes into a space and bulbs are out, it can look sloppy and unkempt.

Ask your cleaners to check that all the bulbs are working, that there are no small appliances with batteries that are out, and that the things like the toaster and small appliances are all in working order before they leave. This attention to detail is a fantastic way to ensure that your space is put together and that there is nothing amiss.

Checking small appliances and batteries is going to make the stay for your renters so much more enjoyable and easier overall. It is also going to help reduce the need to have those things taken care of after your renters are actively staying on the property and in the home.

Checking for Major Issues

Your cleaner should also take the time to check for major issues. Flushing the toilets to make sure there is no clog, checking large appliances to make sure they still work, and doing things like turning on the water can help to find out if there are serious issues before you rent again. Things like a clogged toilet may not be apparent at first glance, taking the time to check and make sure there are no major issues is a must.

Your cleaner can also do a walk through to ensure that there is nothing broken and damaged before they start cleaning as well. Taking note of issues before they start cleaning is a great policy as it allows you, the owner, a chance to see how the home and the items were left before you decide if you are going to simply fix it or charge the renter.

Checking for major issues should be one of the first things that any cleaner does before they even start cleaning. This is going to help them assure the owner that they had nothing to do with the damage so that the blame can be properly placed and so that the issue can be resolved by the appropriate person.

Finishing Touches that are Perfect

The last thing that a cleaner can do is to check things like expiration dates of food that is left in the home. The number of toilet paper rolls that are in the closet, the number of towels that are there, and so on. Taking the time to pay attention to small things that other people may miss can make the space seem that much more luxurious and that much more put together. No one thinks to check and see how much detergent is in the laundry until they run out, making sure that small things are taken care of is going to show renters that you care and that you are paying close attention to your rental property.

Taking the time to check these smaller things is going to help make the stay for your renter easier and more enjoyable and is going to help you really get a great outcome for anyone that comes to rent.

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