How To Remove Odors From Rental Property – The Natural Ways

Owning a rental property is a great way to make some passive income and to really build your real estate portfolio. One of the perils that come with renting to people, however, is that sometimes they can leave odors behind after they have left their rental. There are a few ways that you can remove odor from some of the most common places easily and effectively.

Washing Machines

One of the most common places to stink in any home is a washing machine. Though you might imagine that when searching for ways how to remove odors from rental property spaces, a washing machine is not an issue, it can be. Washing machines deal with water and with dirt. With extended use and frequent use, these wonderful machines can take on odor that is downright hard to remove.

Mildew is one of the most common smells that might come from your washing machine from lack of use or from being shut up for too long. To clean a washing machine, add baking soda and water to the detergent dispenser, scrub the inside of the drum with vinegar and water, and add one to two cups of white vinegar to the drum and run on a high heat cycle. This should kill the mildew and leave your machine fresh. Make sure you leave the machine open after use so it can dry fully and properly.

Nasty smells in your washing machine are caused by a combination of mold, mildew and bacteria. When you put clothes in your machine, body oil, dirt, hair, and scum get trapped in the gasket, seal, and detergent dispenser.


Bathrooms and Bathroom Items

Things like towels are going to be a nightmare when it comes to holding onto odor. If you have towels that are stinky, you should wash them with diluted bleach to kill bacteria. Toilets also hang on to stink. Scrub the inside of the bowl with baking soda and water to remove any buildup and to neutralize the urine odor. This is also going to help break up any build up that might be on the rim leaving that smelly smell.

You can also wash your shower curtain, your mats and more in vinegar to help kill bacteria. Make sure that when you are looking for how to remove odors from rental property spaces, you clean the floor often to remove bacteria that might be causing issues and that might be causing the stink.

Trash Cans and Drains

A great way to remove odor from trash cans and drains alike is a solution of baking soda and vinegar to help neutralize odor and remove those stinky smells that might linger. Adding baking soda and lemon juice to the drain is a great way to break down things that might be smelly in the drain and that might end up making a stink that lingers.


Vents that air passes through are also often smelly when there is something rank in the air. You should either have a cleaning service come and clean the vents often or you can do it yourself and add sachets that smell great that contain things like oranges to help give off a pleasant smell all the time.

Smoke Smell

For more intense smells like smoke, you can do things like open up the windows and doors to air out the space, you may need to get an ozone machine to help neutralize the smell, and you may need to apply baking soda to soft surfaces and carpets. Taking the time to clean thoroughly is the best way to get rid of smoke smells. You may have to get a professional cleaning service to help remove the smell totally if you are not a professional yourself or if you are not sure how to handle a very intense smoke smell.

Taking the time to attack the smell based on what it is, is the best method for getting rid of them. Taking the time to figure out the best solution for the particular odor can help make the process faster and more efficient and can help you get any space back smelling great, even if the smell is a bit strong and off-putting when you first encounter it.


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