How To Make More Money Off Your Airbnb Guests

Hosting Airbnb guests is already earning you an income. But what if you can make more from the guests staying at your vacation rental? You can offer additional products and services to your guests and earn some cash on the side. Besides earning something extra, you will also be enhancing your guests’ experience. This gives you a chance to stand out from your competition. Here is how to make more money off your Airbnb guests.

  1. Airport pick up/Drop off

This is something you can take advantage of since most guests arrive by plane. Most travelers are often confused once they land at the airport. This is a new territory for them where even Google maps might not be of much help. And if they are planning to use a public transportation system, they may run into a few challenges. You can reduce this stress and enhance their experience by offering to pick them up and drop them off after their stay. This also gives you the chance to know the kind of guests that will be staying in your unit.

💡 If you intend to meet them at the airport, park in short-term parking and wait outside their terminal. If you don’t want to go inside the airport, meet them at the curb. If you are unable to pick up your traveler, you can arrange for a ride to be waiting for your arriving party when they arrive.

  1. Extra cleaning services

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This is particularly important for guests staying for an extended time in your rental. Most people using Airbnbs are on vacation and might find the cleaning routine exhausting and limiting. So they will not mind paying for those cleaning services and have as much time as possible to have fun. If your guests agree to this, discuss with them how often they want a cleaning service. Others may want on a daily basis, while others twice in one week.

  1. Grocery service

Another additional service you can provide at a fee is grocery shopping. One of the reasons guests prefer Airbnb over hotels is that they can prepare their meals. Plus, if one is traveling for an extended time, they will prefer prepping meals to dining out because of affordability. The only challenge is that most guests may find grocery shopping a hassle, especially if they are using public transport. You can create some convenience by offering this service. Most guests will gladly take it.

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  1. Laundry and dry-cleaning services

Another way how to make more money off your Airbnb guests is by offering laundry services. If you do not have a washer, this will be a good service to provide. Plus, this is a service that you can request your Airbnb cleaners to do. You will be lightening your guests’ load as they can pack less.

  1. Luggage storage

This can be a great service to offer because of the convenience it brings. Most short-term vacation rentals have a specific time for checking in and out. Check-in can be 2 pm, and check-out at 11 am. But what happens when a guest arrives at 9 am, or they have to leave at 6 pm due to flight schedules? They will have those extra hours where they can not be walking around with their luggage. Most travelers will not mind paying for luggage storage. This allows them to roam the city freely.

  1. Tickets for events

Is there an interesting event happening in your town? Consider offering your guests an event package. Offer passes for tickets to these events. Highlighting this in your listing descriptions can encourage guests to book your home. This saves them the hassle of finding tickets for themselves. Your event package can also include transport to and from the event, especially if you attend the event yourself. This can help you earn five-star reviews.

  1. Decorating for a special occasion

Most guests travel to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. If you have an eye for designing spaces, you could offer to decorate for your guests. Guests will be happy to take the opportunity because they will not have to worry about this once they get to the destination.

💕 Valentine’s Day is the most celebrated occasion in the world according to Top 15 Most Celebrated Holidays Around the World

  1. Cooked meals

Although most travelers enjoy exploring local restaurants, business travelers may not have that much time. You can offer to prepare breakfast and dinner or breakfast only. If you are dealing with digital nomads, they may not have much time to explore nearby eateries or prep meals. Offer them cooked meals at a cost.

It is not enough to have ideas on how to make more money off your Airbnb guests. Remember that you will also have to explain how they will be saving money and time by using your services. This will get them interested. Also, ensure that the additional services you provide are of quality.

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