Tips for Keeping Your Airbnb Pest Free

Unknown to many, Airbnb hosts will often have a myriad of responsibilities to take care of during their hosting journey. The most common will be prioritizing guests’ safety while also ensuring that they satisfy their state’s renting regulations. The upside is that taking care of this allows your guests to have a memorable experience, improving your recommendations for Airbnb hosting. But how do you maintain a pest-free property?

  1. Clean your furniture

If you have tried to get rid of pests unsuccessfully, your furniture may be the problem. Bedbugs will especially be attracted to plush furniture such as sofas and chairs, with mattresses also not left behind. Unfortunately, non-plush furniture will also not be left behind, with these being other alternatives that Airbnb pests will hide away in. The solution to this will be cleaning your furniture with a deep clean being the most effective tip. This allows you to get rid of dust, oil, dirt, and pet fur that may have accumulated for months.

You can also utilize professional services such as pest control companies, with experts often relying on targeted treatments to eliminate the pests in question. Washing and heat drying your bedroom essentials such as blankets and bedsheets will also be ideal, allowing you to keep pests at bay. Pests cannot survive in high temperatures, making this a perfect pest control method.

  1. Seal doors and windows

Doors and windows will be other entry points that allow pests to fester in your Airbnb. Ensure that these areas are tightly sealed and secured in their rightful places. If you spot any cracks in your door or window frames, caulk will be your go-to solution, allowing you to keep tiny bugs and pests out of your property.

Skylights can also be a cause of concern when you have a pest problem, as these will often be the last point of entry you check. To keep this sealed, add screens for improved protection. Getting a suitable sealant will also help you regulate temperatures inside your Airbnb. This keeps your property in optimal condition, making it impossible for external elements to get to your interior, which may otherwise provide a conducive environment for pests.

  1. Declutter your space

Decluttering is another tip that you can use to keep your Airbnb pest free. Pests such as bed bugs, fleas, and termites will often hide in cluttered areas as these act as great breeding grounds. If you have items cluttered in various parts of your property, such as your bedroom or living areas, these will accelerate dirt and humid conditions. Make it a point to safely store away items that your guests do not need while thoroughly cleaning your storage and living areas between guest stays.

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  1. Keep food in airtight containers

Food Storage Containers

Food left out in the open will be another accelerant of pest infestation. An ideal solution to avoiding such a problem will be storing your food in airtight containers. Doing regular check-ups between guest stays will also come in handy in preventing pests from getting to any leftover food in your Airbnb. If you do not have any airtight storage containers, ensure that your containers are closed and locked tightly. Ziplock bags can also be used as alternatives to airtight containers if you are short on space. The overall benefit to this is that you will be able to eliminate pests in your home while also minimizing your hosting costs in the long run due to spoilt food.

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  1. Close any gaps and cracks

If you notice cracks and gaps in your walls, floors, and ceilings, you may soon find yourself with a pest problem. Airbnb pests will often gain entry to your property through such openings, making it challenging to control your pest infestation problem. Aging properties will usually suffer from this problem, with weak foundations leading to structural faults that lead to cracks in various areas of the property. Inspect your Airbnb for cracks and seal any gaps that you spot. Concrete patching can help with this, with expanding foam is another alternative to use.

Tips for Keeping Your Airbnb Pest Free 

Factors that make your Airbnb prone to pest infestation

As stated above, various factors could be causing your pest infestation problem. A summary of these includes:

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  • The age of your property
  • Climatic conditions. Dry regions will especially be prone to pest problems due to frequent dirt and dust accelerating pest growth.
  • Your Airbnb neighborhood
  • Humid conditions in your Airbnb
  • Poor sanitation

While these will often be straightforward, keeping your property free from pest infestation will also fall in this category, a duty that will often prove a challenge to most hosts.


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