Cleaning Tricks

Cleaning fee Airbnb: What to Charge Your Guests

Several years back, Airbnb started giving hosts the option of surcharging guests’ cleaning fees. They decided the cleaning fees would be separate from the nightly fee. The reason for this is that cleaning is an expense used to maintain your Airbnb, which means it should be tax-deductible. The only challenge is that a lot of

Cleaning After an Airbnb Party: The Ultimate Guide

Parties are great, who doesn’t love a great party? Well, as fun as parties are, they can be a huge hassle when it comes to cleaning up your Airbnb rental after someone has rented it to have a party. There are some tips and tricks, however, that will make cleaning up a cinch so that

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Trash for Airbnb Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning an Airbnb, trash is something that we all have to get rid of. Most Airbnb cleaners are going to be able to get rid of the trash or at least set it out for collection, but how can you get rid of it and help your cleaners out? There are

7 Common Stains and How to Remove Them

Accidents can happen in the house, and some of those accidents end up being spills that leave stubborn stains on your fabrics. Knowing what to do when that happens will go a long way to help you get past such situations. Buying furniture, carpets, towels, or linens with light colors comes with some risks. Even

Airbnb Cleaning Tips: How to Solve the Hair Problem

One of the hardest things to keep up within an Airbnb is hair. It can be frustrating because even after putting your linen in the washer, it will still come out with some hair. Most guests will be irritated, and some will be conscious and feel that the house has not been cleaned well. Understandably,

8 Home Cleaning Products You Can’t Live Without in 2022

When you are looking for cleaning products, often, you will be exposed to a ton of them. In this era of covid 19, where you want to ensure you eliminate all germs in your home, it can feel overwhelming, to decide which product to go with. If your job particularly entails cleaning vocational rentals, you

Airbnb enhanced cleaning

Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning: Cleaning and Sanitizing Tips

Now, more than ever, it is important to prioritize the health and well-being of guests checking in at Airbnb. This can be done through enhanced cleaning. Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning goes beyond the usual cleaning you do daily. It involves sanitizing spaces, ensuring that the area is safe according to the industry’s standards. Below, find cleaning

How to handle laundry on airbnb

How to Handle Laundry at Airbnb?

Cleanliness is a major concern for both parties when renting a home via Airbnb. A tiny speck of dirt lurking inside the room can lead to a bad review, which is the last thing any host would want.  People become even more critical when it comes to their beddings and towels. Many believe that high

How to Maintain Airbnb Bedding? – Tips and Tricks

The kind of bedding in the room has a significant impact on the experience of your guests.  It is not necessary that you go towards the premium offerings, just get anything with a decent quality-to-price ratio. You should get around 2-3 sheets per bed which are soft, stain-free and devoid of any tears.  The extra


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