Tips to Photograph Your Airbnb Vacation Rental for Catalog

Airbnb is a competitive space with several listings for a single location. Hosts utilize professional photography to make the rentals stand out. Visual features are captivating to the eye, and beautiful and sleek photos attract more prospective clients to click on the listing. Below are photography tips for listing cover photos on Airbnb to create an attractive catalog.

Clean and declutter

Ensure the vacation rental is spotless before beginning to take the shot. A clean and well-organized picture attracts prospective clients even more. Listed below are recommended steps to follow when cleaning Airbnb.

  • Arrange the furniture and sofa cushions.
  • Wash and pack the used dishes to ensure no visible stains in the rooms where the shot is taken.
  • Ensure the floors have a sparkling look by vacuuming and mopping
  • Pack away equipment that may create the illusion of a small room.
  • Pack books or ornaments away. Minimize the quantity of decoration to make rooms stand out.

Prepare each room

It is essential to inspect each room before taking Airbnb photos. Make sure the rooms are prepped and ready. Open the curtains in the living room, and include one or two magazines on the coffee table. Ensure the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned and inspect the shower, bathtub, and sink to ensure there are no leakages. Candles and folded towels are added around the bathroom to create a more luxurious feel. Arrange kitchen utensils, including pots and pans, inspect the kitchen and ensure countertops are sparkling clean.

💡 Once everything is inspected, the photoshoot is set to begin. Always keep in mind the primary goal of Airbnb photos is to create a visual display and rank the listing cover photo on Airbnb higher on the website.

Turn on all the lights in the daytime

The ample lighting in the Airbnb photos is captivating. Natural light enhances the depth, colors, and contrast of the rentals. Before shooting images for the Airbnb listing, open the curtains and blinds to allow natural light into the space.

Make sure to always turn the lights on before shooting. Turn on the various indoor lights to minimize dark corners from the Airbnb photos. Prospective guests are provided with a clear view of what the rentals have to offer. Employ this approach when taking pictures of the bathroom or kitchen, which has more minimal natural light than the rest of the space. Turn the lights on to enable guests to inspect the property’s cleanliness beforehand.

Capture the personality of the place

Character-filled homes always attract clients. Ensure highlights that represent personal tastes, including a hot tub, a playroom, an art collection, and a beautiful fireplace, are all captured. Most clients prefer Airbnbs that are unique, and photos have to convey an authentic experience.

Shoot into a corner

Instead of taking a shot facing directly at a wall, consider shooting into a corner of a room. It adds several dimensions to the composition of photos and gives a better perspective on space, making the rooms more inviting and looking more prominent.

Apply this rule to every room, including the shower and the kitchen. Make the bed a focal point when taking bedroom Airbnb photos and the sofa in the living room. The shower is considered the best central focus for the bathroom, as is the oven in the kitchen. Capture all the relevant details depending on the location of the shot.

Take panoramic shots

Take panoramic shots as it is the best way to show components of the entire room in a single image. Use a wide-angle lens when taking the photos to give prospective guests better ideas of the size of the rentals. It makes clients trust the management as it reveals everything.

Take photos from different angles

Hire a professional photographer with experience. It includes various images captured from different angles, like ground up and ceiling down. Do not forget to capture those amenities that clients like to see. Apply this approach effectively when listing cover photos on the Airbnb website.

Put the photos in order of attractiveness and importance

The first picture is the most important since it is the one that pops out as the listing image. It should be appealing to attract potential guests. There are several methods of choosing the most attractive photo. Pick the one that reveals the best aspect of the listing, or request a friend to have a look at the portfolio and pick the best three. Ask at least ten individuals to obtain a reliable outcome.

Add a description and catch caption to each photo

Maximize the use of captions when editing pictures. The transient nature of the internet attention span makes people ignore ordinary listings. Captions add context to what is visualized in the photo. Get creative when writing unique captions and include this approach while depicting multiple images of the same space.

💡Hire a professional photographer to make the new listing stand out to attract potential guests. Look at the competitors’ images and sample some of the great Airbnb photos to create authentic images.

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